Building Systems for Building Wealth


“If you don’t have what you want, you don’t have the right systems in place,” says DC Cordova, my guest today on the Money & Manifestation Summit.  She is an expert in systems – as the CEO of Excellerated Business Schools, she has trained high level executives and small business entrepreneurs alike in more than 65 countries…

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Improving Your Vibration with EFT


We all have a limited amount of hours in the day, says EFT Master Carol Look, my guest today on the Money & Manifestation Summit.If we want to increase our wealth, we need to let go of the idea that having more money equals working harder or longer, because it doesn’t. Many people subconsciously think harder work…

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Think Less and Feel More to Manifest Abundance


“The key to creating more abundance in your life is to think less and feel more,” says Emmanuel Dagher, my guest today on the Money & Manifestation Summit. “Those people who are thriving financially and truly happy, they get that.” When Emmanuel brought up Oprah Winfrey, and how she had figured out how to harness true happiness through giving…

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Personify Your Relationship With Money


Some people are amazing at manifesting in every other area of their lives, says Morgana Rae, today’s guest on the Money & Manifestation Summit. But when it comes to finances, their manifestation powers just don’t seem to work! Morgana knows this journey first-hand. A self-described “Law of Attraction failure,” she took every class, training, and certification she could…

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Money Is The Easiest Thing To Create


“Money is the easiest thing to create,” says Christy Whitman, my guest today on the Money & Manifestation Summit, “because it is energy – green energy.” Money doesn’t have opinions, or desires, or agendas – it is just energy, pure and simple. As human beings, we are meaning-makers. We are the ones who make money mean something, but if…

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