Understanding the Power of your Mind with Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe Dispenza, the author of “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself,” is an expert on habits and the brain. 

“If you are not in the present moment, then you are running on habit,” he says. And habits can cause all sorts of problems in your life, if they are habits that do not serve you well.

Meditation and Healing the Body

Take a look at your life, at your circumstances, at your body. Who is doing the observing? That’s who you really are, the observer that is taking all these notes.

Dr Joe says, if you are placing your attention on everything outside of you – Facebook, your bank account, traffic jams, etc. – then your energy is placed outside of you. Where you place your attention is where you place your energy.

If your energy is all outside of you, then you have no energy to create with.

“If you are living by the quantum model of reality, your personal reality creates your personality.” – Dr Joe Dispenza

You can alter your personal reality through the practice of meditation. The more you limit your sensory input, for example, the less you have to focus on the outer world, and the more you can focus on the inner world.

When your inner world becomes more real to you than your outer world, he says, then you will transcend time and become pure consciousness. That is the moment that you have the ability to change your body.

You and I are at our best when we forget about ourselves. In a sense, when you are becoming nothing, you become a thought alone.

When you are in the state of meditation, the brain gets highly energized, the heart gets more orderly, the energy field around the body becomes aligned, and you really change from an internal state.

Meditation, according to Dr Dispenza, means ‘to become familiar with.’

Become familiar with your old self, so you know what it is you don’t want to be, and become familiar with the new self, the person who you want to become.

Plan your behaviors and decide who you are going to be in your life. When you do this, the brain is no longer living in the past, and the brain becomes a map to the future.

“A clear intention combined with an elevated emotion has an effect on matter.” – Dr Joe Dispenza

Healing Your Body With your Thoughts

Our lives are a living trance of the belief systems we grew up with. When we begin to remove our limiting beliefs, we can change the chemistry of our bodies.

So many models are beginning to collapse – religious, educational, medical, etc – because of universally available information.

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

“Science is the contemporary language of mysticism. Science helps to demystify the mystical.” – Dr Joe Dispenza

This is an amazing time in history, because people are waking up and becoming more aware. But it’s not enough to know, you also have to know how.

A disease can exists in your old personality. Your disease doesn’t have to exist in your new personality.

People who have healed themselves with their minds, they all say – I felt so whole, so complete, and like nothing was missing. You cannot be ill when you are completely whole, because you already have what you want.

They do this by becoming whole within their introspection. Theres only a certain amount of energy in the body, and if you are reacting to everything in the outer world, you don’t have any energy for repairing yourself.

“We measure the field around peoples bodies, and within 40-60 minutes, they can change their state by calling energy back to them.” – Dr Joe Dispenza

All organisms in nature can tolerate short term stress. The gazelle outruns the lion, and 15 minutes later it peacefully goes back to grazing.

Human beings are different, because we can turn on the stress response by thought alone. We can produce the same chemistry in the brain and the body as if a stressor was actually happening, when all we are doing is just thinking.

If your thoughts can turn on the stress response, and stress makes you sick, then your thoughts can make you sick. The question then, is: if your thoughts can make you sick, then can your thoughts make you well?

Changing your Thoughts to Heal your Body

“The process of change requires unlearning and relearning. It requires breaking the habit of the old self and creating the habits of the new self. It’s losing your mind and creating a new one.” – Dr Joe Dispenza

Most people, when they start changing, it feels uncomfortable. When you step into the river of change and you want to be someone else, and you become uncomfortable in that void, and you stop. But that is where you need to get comfortable, is in the unknown.

The unknown is a perfect place to create the future. You cannot create a new future from the known, you have to do it from the unknown.

Being uncomfortable, and being okay with it, means you can decide your future by creating it.

Can you teach your body emotionally what that future will feel like when it’s made manifest?

Do you want to be defined as a memory of the past? Or do you want to be defined as a vision of the future? If its the latter, you need to feel different, you need to feel uncomfortable, you need to move proactively into change.

It’s actually our natural state of being. You overcome your past, you’ve overcome your programming, and your body can step up and say, THIS is who I am. It’s very empowering, and Dr Dispenza sees it happen all the times in his workshops.

You can watch one of his two-day workshops at the link below, and also receive a coupon to one of his upcoming workshops later this year. 

William Tucker's Double Helix Water


Structured Water from William Tucker

There are mysteries surrounding the structure of water that reveals water to be one of the least understood substances. It seems to defy the known laws of physics – warm water freezes faster than cold water, frozen water (ice) is less dense than liquid water, wet sand is more solid than dry sand.

While researching how to make water combust, a symmetrical arrangement was discovered, that has some surprising properties.

Using an atom microscope, D&Y Laboratories is able to measure stable water clusters, long chains called Double Helix Water. They discuss they science behind their discovery in the ebook that accompanies the purchase of their Structured Water package, available at an exclusive discounted price through The Aware Show.

What is Structured Water?

Structured water is called “The Fourth Phase of Water” in a book of the same name by Gerald H. Pollack. Structured water is electrically charged, because the symmetrical alignment of the water molecules form a stable water cluster – 8 H20 molecules linked together and acting as one molecule. 


You can look at water as a chemist, in terms of chemistry, or you can go one level up, and look at it in terms of physics.

H2O is 2 atoms of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen. Every hydrogen atom has a positive charge of +1 each, and Oxygen has a charge of -2. Normally these equalize, resulting in a balanced charge, but in a stable water cluster, because of the arrangement of the atoms, a leftover charge is produced.

“There is totally conclusive evidence that water can structure itself.” – William Tucker


The image above shows a “water bridge,” a solid arrangement of water molecules at room temperature, connected by an electrical charge.

How can the healing power of water be augmented with Double Helix Water? Read specific details about the products manufactured with Double Helix Water at the link below, and watch the interview replay! 

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Dr Gil Kajiki's Thyroid Rejuvenation Program

Thyroid Rejuvenation Program by Dr Gil Kajiki

Hypothyroidism: When Your Immune System Attacks Your Thyroid Gland

When your immune system attacks your thyroid tissue, this sensitive gland does not regenerate. That’s why it is so important for people with symptoms that won’t go away to get a full diagnosis.

Many doctors run 3 out of 12 lab tests to check for thyroid malfunction, and if the tests come back clear, then they will treat the symptoms of a weakened thyroid gland: depression, anemia, gastrointestinal problems, fatigue, and more – without addressing the true cause.

The reason why doctors do this, Dr Gil Kajiki tells us during his interview on the Radiant Body Summit, is because many of these symptoms have a quick fix that is easy to address.

Treating a thyroid issue, on the other hand, is a long-term process without an easy fix.

“The only way you can find out if you have primary hypothyroidism is if you have all the tests done. I order 62 different tests on my patients.”

Hashimoto Thyroiditis – 70% Chance To Develop Another Autoimmune Disorder

For those who have a thyroid disorder called Hashimoto Thyroiditis, the likelihood is very high that they will develop a secondary autoimmune disorder.

To moderate symptoms, Dr Kajiki’s patients are guided through an intensive protocol that relies on nutrition and the latest science from the Valley Thyroid Institute.

Cultured vegetables are a great part of this protocol, which involves a grain-free, GMO-free diet.

Click below to read more about this healing program, and to watch the interview replay! 

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Food and Inspiration for the Immortals by David Wolfe

David Wolfe’s written goal is to live to be 3,000 years old.

What is the secret to living a very long time?

Coffee and chocolate are integral ingredients in the immortal diet, thank goodness. And so is salt – but not the kind of table salt you may be eating.

Salt is essential. If you put a salt lick out in the wilderness farm, every creature of the forest will come right to it, because they are always looking for salt.

We’ve been so imbalanced by eating factory salt manufactured with dextrose and ant-caking agents. The best salt, as David discusses in his ebook Sea Salt: the #1 Mineral for Health and Longevity, is Himalayan pink sea salt.

“If you have too little salt, you will be dehydrated. If you have too much salt, you will be dehydrated. Any illness or allergy is a dehydration at the point of irritation.” – David Wolfe

We can bring our system into balance by taking herbs and supplements, and some of them are best delivered through the world’s favorite drink: coffee.


Why is coffee so amazing?

This short video describes the origins, evolution, and cultural history of coffee:

The Healing Power of Coffee

Coffee is an herb. If you can drink a lot of coffee, it has a lot of healthy effects.

Coffee can decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.

Caffeine is also a delivery system, since coffee is an amazing dilator. It wakes everything up.

“We want to get as many herbs in coffee as possible. There are a billion people who love the taste of coffee, so let’s get these herbs into people through what they are already drinking.” – David Wolfe

Many, many people drink coffee in the morning to get ready for mental work. A lot of people were coming to David, asking for something that will get them ready for mental work in the morning.

He created an herbal supplement called Brain Boosting Formula that can be mixed in with coffee, to amplify its healing effects.



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Whole Body Immune Pack by Devin Ryerson


Devin Ryerson’s Whole Body Immune Pack

Devin Ryerson ate a typical American diet.

While he was attending Chiropractic school, he ate fast food, and didn’t give much thought to his nutrition.

Bad habits caught up with him when, at age 28, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

“You hear from a lot of cancer patients,” he said in his interview on the Radiant Body Summit, “something like, ‘It was the best thing to ever happen to me.’ Lance Armstrong said that, and at first I didn’t understand. Now, I see, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

While going through chemotherapy, Devin went from eating fast food to learning about what kinds of natural foods were best for his healing body. His doctors weren’t much help, he said.


“I asked my oncologist if I should eat foods with antioxidants, and he said, ‘no, better not.’ Quite possibly, he just didn’t want me to throw off his own research findings.”


After recovering from cancer, he went to Costa Rica to slow down. His father came to visit, and quite suddenly, he went through a difficult bout with cancer himself. Devin quickly became an expert on alternative remedies and natural therapies that could be used during cancer treatment.

As he shared his findings online, he grew a loyal following on

“You need glutathione to detoxify your body. It is the mother antioxidant. You need probiotics to rebuild your body, too.” – Devin Ryerson

After becoming an expert in supplements, Devin started selling his own vitamins and herbs through his website, and he is still a trusted resource for alternative remedies for healing from cancer therapy.

Click below to read more about his offer, and to watch the interview replay! 

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