The Infinite Being’s Guide to Functioning Beyond This Reality


Dr Dain Heer is a guest that I never interview in the same way twice. He is constantly moving his ideas into a different direction, because he is so committed to his own growth. During the Soul Summit, which concluded with his interview on Halloween, he said he thinks that he and I always have these…

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The Biology of Belief with Bruce Lipton


Bruce Lipton gave me a book 15 years ago that has forever changed the way I look at my life. It was a gift to celebrate the birth of my daughter, and the book is called The Passage of Change.  This book illustrates how I live my life – my environment creates my biology, so I should…

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Healing Yourself with Qigong Energy


Robert Peng is a Qigong master that I was delighted to interview during the Soul Summit. I interviewed him once before, in person for GaiamTV, and he took me through a magical Qigong practice with the Rocky Mountains as our majestic backdrop. It was an experience I’ll never forget. As many students of awareness know, there…

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A Near Death Experience is Bliss to the Soul


The Wisdom Learned from a Near Death Experience Anita Moorjani has been through death and back again. Her incredible book, Dying to Be Me, chronicles the difference between the two people she has been, and showcases how our thoughts can truly cure our bodies. In addition to hosting the Soul Summit for these last two weeks of…

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Speaking to Souls on the Other Side of Death


A Mortal that Speaks to Spirits James Van Praagh is a medium, a psychic human that can speak to spirits. Of course, “speaking” to spirits is not really accurate, because it’s so difficult to describe the higher dimensions with our 3rd dimensional human terms. The closest way he can put it is: “There are degrees of…

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