Engineering Your Emerging From Stress


Derek Rydall, my guest today on the Stress Solutions Summit, gave us such a spiritually charged interview! There is an evolutionary impulse on the planet that has reached a critical mass, he says, and we see it breaking out as crisis on the planet. This creates an “urgency of emergence” right now – and if we…

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People Who Live to 100 Are Called Centenarians


Dr Mario Martinez, today’s guest on the Stress Solutions Summit, studies centenarians, people who live longer than 100 years old, to find out what makes them different. Why do they live so long? The answer, it turns out, has much more to do with mindset than with medication. They have the same ups and downs as…

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Hardwiring Happiness Into your Brain to Relieve Stress


Why is it people living a more luxurious life, the kind of life kings and queens would have loved to live 200 years ago, and yet so many people feel discontent and hungry? People are often having momentarily pleasant experiences, but those mild experiences do not sink deeper into the brain. The reason, according to Rick…

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Stress & Anxiety Relief Through Reintegration


Stress causes both physical and metaphysical disorders, and Dr Friedemann Schaub, today’s guest on the Stress Solutions Summit, is one of the few multi-disciplinary doctors qualified to deal with stress on both levels. Dr Schaub is one of the world’s foremost experts on anxiety. He is a physician, a cardiologist, and molecular biologist, giving him comprehensive scientific…

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Homeopathic Remedies for Stress Management

Today on the Stress Solutions Summit, Dr Theresa Dale talked with our Aware Show listeners about one of the fundamental causes of stress: imbalance. Stress comes from living out of balance, Dr Dale says, whether it is your body, or your mind, or your emotions. If you are not in a balanced state, then stress can…

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