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The Awareness Starter Kit:
A Collection of Tools for Your Journey in Transformation

These are a special collection of helpful tools from some of my favorite transformational experts. We hope that you use these tools to elevate your life, create optimum health, and increase happiness.

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Dr. Dain Heer

MP3 Audio

Dr. Dain Heer reads the Introduction and First Chapter of his book ‘Being You, Changing the World’. Run Time 53 Minutes.

Brent Phillips


Brent likes to call what he does "The Secret Behind the Secret" because he is working the Law of Attraction at a deeper, more powerful level.

Donna Eden

PDF EBook + Mp3 Audio

Improve your well-being in less than 10-minutes a day!  The simple techniques in the Daily Energy Routine can benefit anyone living in the stress-producing, polluted, nature-alien, energy-scrambling environments that mark our technological progress. The Daily Energy Routine builds positive habits into your energy field.

Jim Kwik

Mp4 Video

Do You Have Trouble Recalling People's Names? Discover Surprisingly Easy Tricks to Boost Your Memory and Leave Mind-blowing Impressions with Your Ability to Remember the Names & Faces Of Everyone You Meet…Free Video!