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The Brain Saver Toolbox:
Discover Mindfulness For Fixing Your Brain, Reducing Stress and Boosting Mental Clarity

These are a special collection of helpful tools from some of my favorite transformational experts. We hope that you use these tools to elevate your life, improve your mental state, and increase happiness.

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Daniel G. Amen, MD


PDF E-Book

When The Brain Works right, you work right. Discover "8 Warning Signs Your Brain is In Trouble" Length 13 Pages.

George Pratt

MP3 Audio

Learn to put your brain in the moment, and unlock it's full potential, using this exclusive meditation track. Run Time 23 Minutes

Mark Waldman
Andrew Newberg, M.D

PDF Book Excerpt

In groundbreaking research, Andrew Newberg, M.D., and Mark Waldman have discovered a powerful strategy called Compassionate Communication that allows two brains to work together as one.  Enjoy This Sample from their book Words Can Change Your Brain -  15 Page PDF

Nick Ortner

PDF Ebook

Find Out How To Transform Your Mental, Emotional and Physical Health... in Minutes! An Introduction and History of Meridian Tapping!