• Come discover what 30 days can do to shift the way you live and think!

    The brain is the CEO of our body. It is a remarkable system – the largest and most complex in the universe – and organizes all that we do. It organizes our thoughts, our movement, our intentions, our feelings, and our experience of life! All movement lessons, lectures, demos, and hands-on practices in these 3 different online streaming video workshops address three central areas of our body. Through transformational movement lessons®, lectures, hands-on practice, demonstrations, and Q&A, unleash the hidden potential of every brain for quantum change.
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    Dr. Bill Andrew’s “Product B”

    Go beyond surface symptoms to target the ultimate causes of aging. Now in its third generation and with more action than the original, Product B is the youthful aging catalyst you’ve been waiting for. Proprietary, scientifically advanced formula of antioxidants for protecting telomeres and stimulating more efficient antioxidant enzyme-defense systems.
  • The Agreements for Life

    Come rediscover yourself in this wonderful program and experience what 30 days can do to shift the way you live and think.

    Wherever you live, or whatever your life experience may be, you can always apply this universal knowledge. With your awareness, will, discipline, and willingness to practice, you can make your story possible.

    Change whatever you want from your life’s story; fill it with greater happiness and authenticity.

    Take this opportunity and enjoy the freedom to rediscover you!

  • The Leader in Fermented Food and Nutrition

    Donna Gates and Lisa Garr have come together to offer you an exclusive, brand new video series that will finally and definitively reveal why you feel sick.
    • What your doctor might not be telling you
    • How to truly use food as medicine
    • Creating true digestive balance
    • First time ever demonstrations
    • What’s really going on with sugar
    • The one secret weapon for true health
  • The Angels 101 Package

    Dr. Virtue is the author of 22 books on mind-body-spirit issues. As a child, Doreen was a natural clairvoyant, seeing and conversing with what many people call “invisible friends” (which are really angels and deceased loved ones). She is often referred to as the Angel Lady. Doreen is the author of Healing with the Angels, How to Hear Your Angels, Messages from Your Angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters, Solomon’s Angels, and the Archangel Oracle Cards, among other works. In the Angels 101 Package You will receive everything you need to know and understand angels around us!
  • Isagenix Cleanse and Brain Support System

    by Dr. Michael Colgan

    Dr. Michael Colgan is a world-renowned research scientist, a bio-chemist, Physiology Nutritionist, Best Selling Author, leading expert in the inhibition of aging, and a member of the Isagenix Science Advisory Board (as of 2011). Dr. Colgan has provided nutrition, training and anti-aging programs to more than 11,000 athletes, including many Olympians. Receive the supplies and information you need to improve your health and your brain!
  • John Gray’s Dynamic Success Package

    John Gray rose to fame in 1992 with his bestselling book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, selling more than 7 million copies worldwide, making it an all time hard cover non-fiction bestseller. The Dynamic Success Package is a 10-Session audio series packed with practical tips and secrets for creating more success, self-esteem, forgiveness and freedom from the past. Throughout this inspiring seminar, John Gray explains the steps to attract more success to your life and transform your personal and professional relationships.
  • The NeuroScience of Happiness and Wealth

    Extended Version
 by Lisa Garr and Mark Waldman

    Mark Waldman is one of the world’s leading experts on communication, spirituality, and the brain. This video series featuring Mark Waldman and Lisa Garr takes you on a journey through the brain and explore the myths, theories, truths and new scientific research surrounding just how our brains really work. Plus, you’ll find out all about the “M-Drive”, what REALLY motivates us, how the brain translates money into force, and how you can once and for all neutralize limitations and fears by using a powerful relaxation exercise. Next, Lisa and Mark will teach you the process through a live demonstration so you’ll be able to create the success and results you want in your life. Plus much, much more!
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    "Life's Infinite Possibilities" Package
  • Quantum Confidence Package
  • Teeguarden Aware Brain Pack
  • Seeing Clearly with Love and Wisdom