Bill Andrews Anti-Aging Special Offer

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Bill Andrews Anti-Aging Special Offer

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Dr. Bill Andrew’s “Product B”

Go beyond surface symptoms to target the ultimate causes of aging. Now in its third generation and with more action than the original, Product B is the youthful aging catalyst you’ve been waiting for.

Proprietary, scientifically advanced formula of antioxidants for protecting telomeres and stimulating more efficient antioxidant enzyme-defense systems.

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Product Description

ITEM #1 - Product B

This item is a physical product that will be shipped to you by The Aware Show.

Product B positively supports telomere health by combining scientific breakthroughs in telomere support and the benefits of antioxidants in youthful aging. Product B helps maintain youthful function of cells and healthy telomeres so you can live a longer, healthier life.

How can I benefit from using Product B Antioxidants plus Telomere Support?

Product B’s full spectrum of natural bioactive antioxidants helps fight the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress, which can accelerate aging and contribute to poor health.

Helps maintain youthful function of cells and healthy telomeres

Targets the sources of aging, such as oxidative stress.

ITEM #2 - Curing Aging

This item is a digital file that is immediately available online from The Aware Show.

Since before recorded history began, people have been searching for ways to live longer. The desire to live forever is as old as humanity itself.

But it has only been in the last thirty years that science has made any real progress in understanding the fundamental question of why we age and what can be done about it. These discoveries have not been widely publicized yet, so most people are unaware of how close we are to curing the disease of aging once and for all.

There is a plan in place for inducing telomerase in all our cells. Will it cure aging? So far, all the signs point to yes: telomerase is a very likely cure for aging.

in 1997, scientists inserted the telomerase gene into normal human skin cells grown in a Petri dish. When they observed that the telomerase enzyme was being produced in the cells, as hoped, they also observed that the skin cells became immortal: there was no limit to the number of times these cells could divide.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that prevention of telomere shortening might be the best way to extend human lifespan beyond the theoretical 125-year maximum lifespan. how long this can extend the human lifespan is anyone’s guess, but living a healthy, youthful life to 250, 500, or even 1,000 years is not outside the realm of possibility.

Donna Eden energy medicineITEM #3 - Personal Google Hangout with Dr. Bill Andrews

This item is a Live online session.  Access Information to attend will be provided here, and afterwards the video/audio replays will be available here as well.

Dr. Andrews will answer questions submitted in advance and take some questions live. Participants in events with Bill have said they gave them inspiration about improving their health and what can be achieved with longevity and anti-aging strategies.

Product B has been featured in various magazines and television news reports. Dr. Andrews himself was featured in an 11 page article in Popular Science Magazine last year as he explained the science behind the product. He has been in a report done by the Today Show where he is actually shown giving his father Product B. Product B was also featured on the cover of Elle Magazine as well as several news reports on various channels. Meet Dr. Bill Andrews and learn answers to your questions about what is now happening in the exciting field of anti-aging therapies.

BONUS #1 -“Telomeres Research”New Findings Supporting Anti-Aging

This item contains digital files that are immediately available online, from the Family Wellness Clinic.

The Family Wellness Clinic and Dr. Brian Rodgers presents an interview with Dr. Bill Andrews. Learn about how telomeres were discovered and the inside story about what Dr. Andrews calls “The biggest medical breakthrough of all time”. This is important information you don’t want to miss!

BONUS #2 -“Telomeres Research” – Presentation to the Utah Osteopathic Medical Association

This item contains digital files that are immediately available online, from the Family Wellness Clinic.

Dr. Bill Andrews reviews the breakthrough studies and working theories about aging and the science of Telomeres. He further outlines where research must lead to measure Telomere stasis in individuals. Presented August 2013 in Salt Lake City.


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