An Inspirational Interview with Daniel Amen

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An Inspirational Interview with Daniel Amen


How to Become Thin, Happy and Smart!

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How to Become Thin, Happy and Smart!

DANIEL G. AMEN, MD is a psychiatrist, brain-imaging specialist, best-selling author, and medical director of The Amen Clinics. He is a nationally recognized expert in the fields of the brain and behavior and brain imaging. He is widely regarded as one of the world's foremost experts on applying brain imaging science to clinical psychiatric practice.

INTERVIEW DESCRIPTION: Talking with Daniel always gives me so many insights into my brain and body.  In this one he shares:

  • The #1 predictor of longevity
  • The #1 thing that ages your organs
  • Which part of your brain loses function as you gain weight
  • The 10 principles to change your brain and body
  • The “Dinosaur Syndrome” -- what it is and how to avoid it
  • What “ANTS” are and how to eliminate them!
  • The optimum amount of sleep and what happens to your brain if you don’t get it
  • As weight goes up, this organ gets small – why you don’t want this to happen to you

This interview is 51 minutes and 03 seconds long.

This package contains an Audio CD that will be shipped directly to you.


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