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December 18, 2003 Guest Bob Fickes
Topic: Clearing Cellular Memory (re-air)

Bob FickesBio:

Bob Fickes has been a lecturer and teacher of meditation for over forty years. His Enlightenment first dawned in 1970. He has hundreds of thousands students all over the world enjoying the experience of Real Meditation. He is a lineage master from three traditions: Maharishi, Babaji, and the Ascended Masters. He has is also a healer in the ancient Buddhist Shamanic Healing Arts. His teaching style comes from the ancient tradition and yet is very scientific and down to earth.

Interview Description:

Bob Fickes is going to take us on a journey today so hold on! He has written a book entitled Clearing Cellular Memory. He’ll talk about that as well as share his profound realization into the nature of genetic memory and its role on karma. He believes that our DNA stores EVERY memory we’ve ever had – including memories all the way back to when our souls were created! Get ready for a mind-bending conversation!

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