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November 18, 2004 Guest Brigitte Secard
Topic: Brigitte Secard: Soul Fire

Brigitte SecardBio:

Brigitte Secard is an innovative and original voice on deconstructing the modern human condition. Creating a series of trailblazing new models on evolving peace into a contemporary application, she is the founder of The Brave New Peace Campaign and The Joyfull Revolution. In the summer of 2005 she traveled to Africa to meet with the Mandela and Gandhi families.

Interview Description:

Brigitte Secard is an author, speaker, recording artist, and political innovator.  She’s on the show today to talk about the difference between self-help and self-truth, her vision for a peaceful world, and more about her latest book Soul Fire.  She helps us understand who in fact is your most powerful guru.

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