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January 14, 2010 Guest Martha Beck, Ph.D
Topic: Create the Life You Want!

Martha Beck, Ph.DBio:

Psychology Today, USA Today, and NPR have all referred to Martha Beck as “one of the best-known life coaches in America.” She is a monthly columnist for “O”, the Oprah Magazine, has been a contributing editor for Real Simple, Redbook, and Mademoiselle, and has written for many other national magazines. She appears frequently as an expert on “life design,” on programs such as Good Morning America.  She is the author of “Expecting Adam”, Steering by Starlight, and more. Her latest book is “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World.” Her website is

Interview Description:

“America’s Best Known Life Coach” Martha Beck joins us once again on The Aware Show to discuss ways of coping when you feel overwhelmed and shares methods of reducing conflicts, so you can be empowered to create your ideal life.

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