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January 13, 2010 Guest Terry Cole-Whittaker
Topic: Live Your Bliss!

Terry Cole-WhittakerBio:

Terry Cole-Whittaker is a dedicated spiritual researcher, student, and teacher. One of the very few to live with and study from the mystic masters of the far east. Her 80‘s international TV ministry “WITH LOVE, REV. TERRY” and best selling books, including What You Think of Me is None for My Business, A Woman’s Guide to the Goddess Within, and Dare to be Great, reached millions. At the height of her worldly success as a television minister teaching metaphysics, she realized that something most important was missing from her teaching. She left that world behind and set out on a spiritual vision quest that eventually led her to study the ancient texts of the Gnostics (The real mission & teachings of Jesus a Christ), Native American religions, Goddess/Gaia, Science, and finally to the sacred teachings of the Puranas (the cream of Vedic scriptures), which encompasses all the above and beyond. Her specialty is to take scholarly and often complicated research and make it easy to understand and apply.

Interview Description:

Author, motivational speaker and minister Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker returns to the show with her latest work– “Live Your Bliss.” Today she shares secrets to finding your happiness and living a life of prosperity.

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