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January 20, 2010 Guest Dr. Alex Pana
Topic: New Techniques in Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Alex PanaBio:

Dr. Alex Pana, environmental and homeopathic dentist, specializes in safe mercury filling removal, surgical repair of cavitational osteonecrosis in the jaw, proper tooth extraction, and no-drilling ozone and air abrasion, He uses minimally invasive methods to help patients practice ‘preventative dentistry’ to avoid future complications altogether.  He believes there is a  relationship between your teeth and your organs.   His website is

Interview Description:

Through his practice, Dr. Alex Pana became acutely aware of his patient’s needs and desires for general health-improvement. In response he created his successful practice, which broadens the normal narrow scope of dentistry to include how the patient’s oral health effects their immune system, structural and energetic alignment and general well-being. Today Dr. Pana discusses Ozone Therapy and its many benefits in dentistry.

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