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January 21, 2010 Guest Jim LaValle
Topic: Ways to Live a Heart-Healthy Life

Jim LaValleBio:

Jim LaValle is an educator, clinician, and industry consultant in the field of integrative health care. He is a licensed pharmacist, board certified clinical nutritionist, and doctor of naturopathic medicine, with more than 20 years clinical practice experience in the field of natural therapeutics and functional medicine. Jim is currently in clinical practice at the LaValle Metabolic Institute a comprehensive wellness, prevention, and early detection program which he co-founded. www.jimlavalle.com

Interview Description:

Jim LaValle, from the LaValle Metabolic Research Center, joins us today to discuss simple steps that we can take that will help us live “heart healthy” lives. Based on medical histories, clinical evaluation, and laboratory profiling of patients, Jim customizes natural medicine programs for prevention, wellness, and athletes as well as therapeutic programs for individuals.

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