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March 31, 2010 Guest Rick Jarow Ph.D.
Topic: Alchemy Of Abundance (re-air)

Rick Jarow Ph.D.Bio:

Rick Jarow, Ph.D., Professor of Religious Studies at Vassar College, is one of the pioneers of the contemporary consciousness movement, founder of the “Anti-Career process, author of many books including Creating the Work You Love and Alchemy of Abundance. His acclaimed seminars on career, life-alignment, and transition have been offered at holistic learning centers around the world for the last fifteen years. Dr. Jarow brings 25 years of study and practice in the world’s spiritual traditions to the art and science of abundance and manifestation.

Interview Description:

Rick Jarow offers a rich universe of archetypes that leads the way to your deepest potential through practices and meditations that awakens you to what is truly calling for attention in your life. This will help you to begin to manifest your most authentic intentions in the physical world.

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