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March 11, 2010 Guest Christina Avaness
Topic: Nutritional Knowledge Refined

Christina AvanessBio:

Due to family health crisis’s, including heart attack, liver disease and impacted colon, Christina Avaness healed her family through nutrition. Christina now educates and supports others about nutrition with high integrity, which means going beyond the status quo and taking charge, and it is easier than you might think! Her latest book is Living Beyond Organic.

Interview Description:

Christina Avaness, author of Living Beyond Organic, is the guiding light of integrating the body-mind-spirit connection on a daily basis in order to restore good health and maintain balance. She has learned that those searching for a healthier lifestyle are often sabotaged by 5 major offenders: water, junk food, coffee, stress and exhaustion and will offer tips on making the switch to Super Enzyme Foods. Listen and you too can become a food alchemist!

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