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March 3, 2010 Guest Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith
Topic: Spiritual Liberation

Rev. Dr. Michael BeckwithBio:

Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, California. He is a featured teacher in the film and book The Secret. In the ’70s, he began an inward journey into the teachings of East and West, and today he teaches universal truth principles found in the New Thought-Ancient Wisdom tradition of spirituality. Gifted with a vision of a trans-denominational spiritual community, he speaks to a congregation of more than 9,000 people weekly at Agape. His website is www.agapelive.com

Interview Description:

Rev. Michael Beckwith joins Lisa once again to discuss his latest book, “Spiritual Liberation” as well as his PBS special and the upcoming Revelations Conference. As founder of the Agape Spiritual Center, Rev. Michael shares his insight and wisdom and talks about the profound effects of being in the present moment and staying centered.

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