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April 14, 2010 Guest Allana Pratt
Topic: Sexy Mom

Allana PrattBio:

Celebrity interviewer and Sexy Mom Expert Allana Pratt is the host of the radio show How Mama Got Her Groove Back and author of How To Be And Stay Sexy~ Attracting The Love And Attention You Deserve Being Exactly Who You Are and Thank God I am a Single Motherless Mom. She been invited to share her cutting edge insights into redefining sexuality in the first ever global online launch for the Learning Annex.

Interview Description:

Success coach Allan Pratt is known as the “Sexy Mom.” She’s on the show today to talk about how she got the name “Sexy Mom”, what it means, and how to operate from that place where we stop the abusive thought pattern that we’re not enough or that we take care of ourselves last and start taking care of ourselves AND our relationships.

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