How Does Your Hidden Brain Operate?

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April 15, 2010 Guest Shankar Vedantam
Topic: How Does Your Hidden Brain Operate?

Shankar VedantamBio:

Shankar Vedantam is a science correspondent at National Public Radio, based in Washington DC. He was formerly a national correspondent and columnist for the Washington Post, and a 2010 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. He is interested in how insights from psychology and the social sciences can change the way we think about ordinary events in our lives, as well as news events. Learn more about Shankar at  He is the author of The Hidden Brain and you can read more about that at

Interview Description:

Washington Post journalist Shankar Vedantam talks about his lastest book The Hidden Brain and discusses how there are brain functions, emotional responses, and cognitive processes that happen outside of our conscious awareness, which have a decisive effect on how we behave. He offers case studies that show how our minds unconsciously network with the minds around us to create conformity. Fascinating information!

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