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April 8, 2010 Guest Marci Javril CST, NCTMB
Topic: Want An Easy Detox? Try Self-Massage (re-air)

Marci Javril CST, NCTMBBio:

Marci Javril’s diverse background in dance performance, bodywork and healing arts spans over 30 years. She maintains a private practice in Marina del Rey, CA working in association with other health professionals. Since 1986, Marci has offered her certification courses in lymphatic massage, internal organ cleansing, post-surgical therapy, and pregnancy & infant massage through professional massage schools in California, Hawaii and Australia. www.vitalenergycenter.com

Interview Description:

Marci Javril is strong advocate of self-care for digestive and respiratory health. She has developed effective self-massage programs that melt away toxic congestion, helping immune response, elimination and your well-being. Listen to today’s show as she describes the easy-to-do process and how this can also help with additional body issues, such as post-surgical scar softening.

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