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May 26, 2010 Guest Gary Stollman Ph.D.
Topic: How To Improve Your Relationships (re-air)

Gary Stollman Ph.D.Bio:

Dr. Gary Stollman is a relationship expert, transistion life coach, divorce recovery and dating coach. Dr. Gary got his Ph.D from the University of Southern California and worked as the Chief Therapist at the Viscott Center. He now helps couples and individuals move forward in life who are going through transitions such as divorce or career change.

Interview Description:

Want some tips on how to strengthen your relationships?  Well, then, this interview is for you.  When treating couples, Dr. Gary Stollman emphasizes the importance of communication and telling the truth in order to uncover the love which often gets buried beneath feelings of hurt and anger.  Listen and learn how being honest with yourself  just may be part of the simple solutions to solving seemingly complex relationship problems.

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