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KPFK AWARE SHOW 01/18/2012 Guest David Wolfe 

Topic: Blend Your Way To Health


Bio: David Wolfe is considered one of the world’s Top Authorities on natural health, beauty, nutrition, herbalism, chocolate, and organic superfoods. Leading the field of nutrition with his vision, mission, and business, David has over 15 years of dedicated education to the mechanics of the human body and how we are all affected by the modern-day stresses of today’s fast-paced and over-worked lifestyle. David empowers people to take charge of their health even up against all the modern-day demands. 

Interview Description: David Wolfe, author and superfood expert, shares his favorite superfoods for immunity, leveling blood sugar and optimal brain function, and how to prepare them into a delicious drink.  He also shares his incredible knowledge about each item and his enthusiasm to support your health.  Upcoming Event: Women’s Wellness Conference, February 10-12, 2012 in Costa Mesa, Ca. at the Orange County Hilton.  For more information, please visit Women’s Wellness Conference

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