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01/11/2012 Guest Kevin McCarney

Topic: Creating Positive Results Through Communication 
Kevin McCarney is the founder of the Poquito Más restaurant chain, which opened in 1984 and turned into a $15 million-a-year business with twelve locations serving over four thousand customers every day in the Los Angeles area.  Based in Burbank, California, the restaurants specialize in fresh Mexican food. Because each restaurant produces over nine hundred tortillas a day, Kevin invented an aluminum tortilla press, a machine on which he holds multiple patents. Kevin has been a guest speaker at the USC Marshall School of Business, the UCLA Anderson School of Business, and Woodbury University. He has served on the board of directors of the California State Compensation Insurance Fund, the California Restaurant Association, the Burbank Arts in Education Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club of Burbank, and the Universal City-North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. He has authored The Secrets of Successful Communication: A Simple Guide to Effective Encounters In Business.

Interview Description: Kevin McCarney, founder of Poquito Mas restaurant chain and author of The Secrets of Successful Communication, is full of simple yet profound insights that make every conversation effective and supportive.  These are skills that can be easily shared with your front-line employees, your students, or your children.


01/11/2012 Guest Obadiah Harris

Topic: Embodying The World’s Wisdom Traditions 
Bio: Obadiah Harris, Ph.D. has been the President of the Philosophical Research Society since 1993. Dr. Harris received his Ph.D. in Education from the University of Michigan as a Stewart Mott Foundation Fellow. His work in community education includes service as Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Community Education at New Mexico State University, and as Associate Professor and Director of the Regional Center for Community Education at Arizona State University. Dr. Harris’s study and practice of the great Eastern and Western traditions has helped shape and direct his life.

Interview Description: Obadiah Harris is the President of the Philosophical Research Society, whose goal is to enable you to develop deep wisdom and philosophy of life through association with a diverse and stimulating community of other students and professors in the fields of philosophy, comparative religion, psychology and the cosmology of modern science.  Embody the universal values, such as freedom, truth, beauty and love for the attainment of cultural harmony through solving the personal and collective problems of modern humanity.