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January 25, 2012 Guest Marc Ian Barasch
Topic: Living a “Green Compassionate” Life

Marc Ian BaraschBio:

Marc Barasch is the author of Field Notes on the Compassionate Life, a national bestseller that inspired the recent film, “I Am.”   After writing this book, Marc set out on the path he calls “green compassion,” founding a global environmental charity, Green World Campaign (, that restores the ecology and economy of the world’s poorest places. The GWC has planted trees and helped struggling communities in Mexico, Ethiopia, Uganda, and the Philippines. It is now focused on Kenya, where a network of Green World Schools teaches ecology and global citizenship, and the GWC co-manages the protection and restoration of the Rumuruti Forest. He recently founded Green World Ventures, a social enterprise company focused on triple-bottom-line businesses in Kenya that restore soil and forests and provide jobs, training, and empowerment to village cooperatives.  Learn more about him at

Interview Description:

Author Marc Ian Barasch shares his insights on how to live a thriving, compassionate life. Marc is the founder of the Green World Campaign and will talk about what he learned while working in some of the world’s poorest regions in an effort to restore their ecology and their economy. His recent work is focusing on Kenya and the protection and restoration of the Rumuruti Forest.

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