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February 16, 2012 Guest Ginger Metraux
Topic: Manifesting Abundance

Ginger MetrauxBio:

Ginger Metraux has been a spiritual coach, hypnotherapist, nutritionist, astrologer, musician, and artist at varied times during her life. She has been channeling Galexis since 1988, who is a group of spiritual teachers that supports your personal development.

Interview Description:

Intuitive Ginger Metraux has the ability to access different realms and dimensions through a group of unique beings, collectively known as Galexis. Today Ginger and Galexis will discuss how financial abundance is an energy and how changing thoughts around money will allow for a greater flow. Galexis will also discuss why 2012 is slated to be such a transformational year and how the energies of this pivotal moment in time will work together toward the greater good.

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