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The Aware Show is a resource and a catalyst to empower positive change in people’s lives. My goal is to bring a conscious conversation to every living room by interviewing credible experts in the field of personal development, health,
brain sciences, social change, healthy relationships, conscious business, positive parenting, and wealth management.

The Aware Show is a portal of possibilities!

The program invites people to realize they have choices in life by communicating messages that inspire positive growth and change. All of this is done with joy, laughter, compassion, and gratitude!

One of the greatest teachings I have learned is that “Thoughts are Things”. It seems simple, and it applies to so many areas of life. What thoughts are you creating right now? Look around you at what those thoughts are manifesting. Do you like what you see?

Join me by immersing yourself in the teachings shared by the thousands of credible experts I’ve interviewed, and allow yourself to transform! You deserve to live with JOY and LOVE!