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March 8, 2012 Guest Wayne Dyer Ph.D.
Topic: Living with Hope

Wayne Dyer Ph.D.Bio:

WAYNE W. DYER, PH.D., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development and is affectionately called the “father of motivation” by his fans. He’s the author of over 35 books, has created audio programs and videos, and has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows. His books Manifest Your Destiny, Wisdom of the Ages, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, and the New York Times bestsellers 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, The Power of Intention, Inspiration, Change Your Thoughts—Change Your Life, Excuses Begone, and now Wishes Fulfilled have all been featured as National Public Television specials. His website is  www.drwaynedyer.com.

Interview Description:

Best-selling author and teacher Wayne Dyer joins Anita Moorjani to discuss her miraculous recovery from her journey with cancer. He talks about the power of manifestation and how having hope, no matter how dire the circumstances, can replace fear. He will also be discussing the parallel universe theory and how we can apply it practically in our lives.

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