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December 4, 2013 Guest Hector Hernandez
Topic: You Don’t Need Talent to Succeed (re-air)

Hector HernandezBio:

Hector Hernandez’s career has expanded for over 32 years 
of corporate experience with IBM as a Global Enablement & Technology Executive. Today he is a Career & Life Changing Champion and has done hundreds of motivating and inspiring 
talks centered on helping others reach their higher-self.  Hector emigrated to the U.S. with his family from Cuba when he was ten years old. He has traveled from continent 
to continent bringing his energy, enthusiasm and sensible advice to organizations and 
individuals across the globe. 
He speaks on technology, innovation, career and life decision making. He not only believes; he 
is proof that you don’t need talent to succeed, but everything else counts.
 His latest book is You Don’t Need Talent to Succeed: But Everything Else Counts and his website is

Interview Description:

According to Lisa’s guest today, you don’t need talent to succeed.  Well then, what DO you need?  Listen in and let Hector Hernandez explain what he means by this statement, how he defines success, and more about his book You Don’t Need Talent to Succeed, but Everything Else Counts.

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