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Awaken Your Brilliant Brain to Create Your Radiant Body  

The Radiant Body Summit with Anat Baniel

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Movement is the language of the brain.

By changing our body with subtle movements, we can change the chemistry of the brain and the structure of the brain.

Anat Baniel, founder of the Anat Baniel Method, helps people activate the brain and the body using NeuroMovement®.

If your body is aging, and in pain, you can revitalize your body by changing your brain through movement.

Her latest interview on The Aware Show guided us through the core principles that can keep your body young, vital, and radiant.

Watch the replay here.

The brain is very responsive to its experience, and literally changes its structure based on what it experiences.

For many people, for example, the back is not mapped in the brain. It just follows along the rest of the body. This is why so many people have difficulty bending, have difficulty twisting, have pain in their neck.

If your muscles are contracted all the time in the same way, then you feel it! You get depressed, and you feel older.

A brain that has differentiated more, and has the skill of differentiating, has the skill to shift things around to do new things, things it has never done before.

Learning Through your Body

It takes a long time for the human body to learn how to move. To learn how to move in a new way takes both practice and understanding.

One of the challenges of adults is that we’ve already been successful. Moving in a new way doesn’t come naturally to us, which is why we have to practice new movements, like the NeuroMovement exercises.

“People tend to confuse repetition with information,” says Anat. “Repetition is not the same as opportunity for improvement. That’s why so many people never get past mediocre.”

We are built to move. Our brain changes its neural pathways based on how we move our body. Surprisingly, Anat does not recommend big, sweeping movements, but instead, subtle moves.

Less movement allows you to feel, and then the feeling it is distributed throughout your whole self. That registers massive changes in the brain, whereas large movements overwhelm your senses.

The more you do it, the better you get at doing it.


Feeling your Body

Sensuality is really about sensing and feeling ourselves.

Kids tend to be very sensual. They like to smell, and they don’t yet associate sensuality with sex, so they’re not embarrassed about it. Children are very sensual, all the time.

Learning to feel through your body, if you’ve been living in it for a very long time, could be a new experience for you. Having a guide like Anat Baniel is one of the best ways you can ensure that you will continue to progress, to learn, and to decelerate your aging.

Aging and Differentiation

A very alive brain keeps differentiating and figuring new ways to do things, keeps growing and learning.

When people get older, the head and shoulders get stuck. The pelvis stops moving. The feet start shuffling.

The amazingly good news is that it can be reversed immediately, and you can get a young, vibrant brain! You just have to learn new things, and new ways to differentiate. 

The offer below is one of the best ways you can reverse the effects of aging in your body, by teaching your brain through its natural language of movement. 

Anat Baniel method