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Shifting Deeply Embedded Patterns with Donna Eden

The author of Energy Medicine (and the forthcoming Energies of Love with partner David Feinstein), Donna Eden has guided thousands of people to heal their bodies and hearts through simple, practical energy exercises.

So many people have stress in their lives. Using some simple breathing and movement exercises, we can move the stress out of our bodies, so we can really feel what’s happening in our auras.

What is an aura?

Your aura acts as an “invisible space suit” that allows you to be here on planet Earth. It can keep out bad energy, and let in good energy. If you are taking on lots of bad energy, manifesting as sickness or disease, Donna’s exercises will help you to reset your aura.

She demonstrated plenty of these exercises on The Aware Show during the Radiant Body Summit. (Watch the replay.) Some of the exercises we practiced together are designed to:

  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Boost your immune system
  • Heal from heartache
  • Relieve symptoms of a cold
  • Reduce jet lag

Once she had us breathing and energized, she described the benefits of the Brazilian Toe Technique, and demonstrated how rubbing the neurovasculars at the crown of your head can reduce your cortisol levels, a natural, easy stress reliever you can do anywhere.

“Most people can’t snap their mind out of deep stress. But you can move your energy and get out of it right away.” – Donna Eden

How does energy healing work?

Everybody out there – we’re latticeworks of forcefields. Everything is energy, our bodies, our minds, and any problems we are experiencing, these are all energy. If you can affect your energy, and you can change your body, you can change your mind, you can change your health.

For instance, breathing is a physical action, and an energetic action. “You cannot get cancer in a well oxygenated body,” Donna says. 

Anytime you can make space in your body by stretching it, it opens the energy to flow, and allows your body to heal itself.

“When all your meridians are aligned, and the chakras are spinning the right way, the body knows how to heal.” – Donna Eden

Why do I stay up so late?

One of the callers during the live interview asked, “Why do I stay up so late at night?”

Donna reminded us that our body’s meridians reset every two hours. There is a “Triple Warmer” energy that travels along the Radiant Meridians (the latest nominee to be the official mascot of the Radiant Body Summit) and the Triple Warmer is active between 9 and 11 pm. If we stay up past that, then the Triple Warmer energy, which was evolved to keep us safe and help us survive ages ago, won’t let us rest. That’s why it is so important, Donna says, to go to bed before 11 pm.

Triple Warmer also governs the habits. By releasing Triple Warmer energy (which Donna demonstrates in an AMAZING 3-breath exercise at 18:00 into the interview) you can release bad habits, as well. 


Donna is also offering an advanced home-study workshop, available through the Aware Show. This 3-DVD course was recorded during a 5-day intensive in Arizona, where she taught advanced energy healing techniques on “Shifting Deeply Embedded Patterns.”

The interview replay is in the offer page – look through the offer, and try some of the exercises in this exclusive interview.


Click Here to watch the Interview Replay