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The Enhanced Body Ecology System by Donna Gates

The creator of the Body Ecology System is also the woman who introduced Stevia to the United States. Donna Gates has been hailed as the “teacher of the teachers,” and thousands of people have reclaimed their health because of her teachings.

During her latest interview on The Aware Show, Donna shared the basic premise of the Body Ecology System, and how it can help with a whole host of health issues.

Her work has been transformative for people who have been tired and unhealthy for years, and could never discover why.

“People think I’m smart, but no, I just know these principles, and they work.” – Donna Gates

Many people find Donna’s Body Ecology System when they are at a point where they’ve tried everything, and they don’t know where to go next. That’s why this system have such a high success rate, because by the time people get to this point, they are ready to make a big change in their life, and in their diet.

Big life changes are necessary for people who want to eradicate Candida overgrowth from their system.

What is Candida overgrowth?

It has been medically proven that 70% of the American population suffers from Candida overgrowth.

They could be diagnosed with chronic fatigue, seasonal allergies, digestive issues, bloating, or constipation. Candidiasis mimics all of those symptoms. That’s why it is often overlooked.

The fluctuation of hormones make women more susceptible yeast overgrowth.

Candida is fed by sugar and hormones, especially estrogen and progesterone. That makes it even more prevalent in pregnant women. 

Candida and Pregnancy

When a mother has candida overgrowth, it might be under control. But because she is pregnant, her immune system is suppressed, to prevent it from rejecting the foreign entity growing in her womb.

Her progesterone and estrogen levels are really high, her glucose levels are really high, and the Candida grows out of control. Mothers pass on infections to their children.

If you are from the mid-40s or so down, there is an excellent chance that you were born with Candida overgrowth.

So many people coming to Donna’s website are in their thirties. “It’s so exciting to watch younger people get this information,” Donna says in the interview, “because we are going to see how they are going to feel in 15-20 years.”

What do I do if I have Candida overgrowth?

People who have candidiasis need support. They don’t feel well enough to take care of themselves.

Diet is the most critical thing. Rest and low stress are important too. A person in a recovery program needs to be in a low-stress environment.

You should also avoid antibiotics unless they are absolutely necessary. Antibiotics demolish your inner ecosystem, and it takes time for probiotics to rebuild a healthy intestinal environment.

Your body should be able to heal if you give it the right information and foods to heal itself.

Taking a probiotic supplement isn’t enough – you also need to get probiotics through fermented foods as well.

What are fermented foods?

Fermented foods are hugely protective. Nature wants us to set in place our inner ecosystem at birth.

Fermented foods help your ‘inner ecosystem,’ a term coined by Donna more than 20 years ago. Back then, nobody was doing much investigation into the gut, and the role that a healthy gut plays in your overall health and immunity.

All the delicate enzymes and bacteria in your digestion are extracting minerals, communicating with each other, and communicating to our genes.

You have to have a wonderful diversity in your microbiome, and thats 75% of your immune system.

You kill it with stress and sugar. But that’s only if you are lucky enough to bring it into your childhood.

The very first thing that happens to us when we are born, as soon as we enter this world, there is an intricate world being established inside of our gut. Then we take an antibiotic and wipe it all out. 

Gluten Sensitivity and Candidiasis

Most people think they have a gluten sensitivity, but what they have is an overgrowth of Candida.

When your body sees gluten, it sees it as an enemy, just like yeast overgrowth.

One of the reasons gluten has become such a problem is that it is a protein. Yeast is a protein as well, and your immune system sees it as identical to gluten. When you eat gluten, your immune system attacks it, thinking it is attacking the Candida that is actually harming you.

When your body sees gluten, it sees it as an enemy, just like yeast overgrowth.

To remedy this, you need to get Candida out of your system. Starve the yeast by no longer feeding it. Eat a sugar free, gluten free diet, and lots of probiotic foods.


How do I prepare fermented foods?

If you want an easy recipe to do, cut up some cabbage, and put it in a jar with some brine. Wait a day, and it’s fermented.

It is seriously four easy steps to make squash ginger soup. It is not difficult, and it’s really easy and nutritious.

“Food is sacred. I would actually say sacred. I think a real revolution is coming about, where people are going to be forced to turn back to healthy foods.

Learn it now. It’s not hard to do. And it’s not just easy, it’s fun!” – Donna Gates

We should fall back in love with real, whole foods.

Donna made sure that all the recipes in her Body Ecology System are delicious, super healthy, and easy to prepare.

Fermented coconut water is a very magical food, in the best way. In the interview replay she describes how to prepare it.

Keep in mind, not every fermented food is good for you – beer is a fermented food, after all, and alcohol and sugar is what candida likes to eat!.

Note: If somebody is really reacting to the fermented foods, that is a symptom. It doesn’t mean that fermented foods are bad for you, it means you need to get together with your doctor or naturopath, and go through a stool sample to see what’s growing in your small intestine. If you have lots of gas and bloating, that’s a clue; it could be SIBO.

Can I ever get rid of Candida overgrowth?

No, says Donna, but you can bring it down to a level where you can get it under control, and it’s no longer growing tentacles and spreading into other organs.

You really need to use the food as medicine to work with your body. You will have more energy, clearer thinking, you will look amazing, and have so much more energy.

You can learn Donna’s recipes and fermentation techniques in the Body Ecology System, which is available at a special price by clicking below.

Click Here to watch the Interview Replay