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Life Mastery Program by Pedram Shojai

Lifestyle is the hallmark of all living.

All the diseases that are choking our health care system right now are all lifestyle diseases. Your life is happening in between your doctors visits, and how you spend that time matters.

Dr Pedram Shojai first tried to address the problems with the American health care from within the system, and was met with resistance every step of the way.

“I’ve been in the room with obese cardiologists,” he said during our latest interview on The Radiant Body Summit, “that are laughing that their patients are never going to change their lifestyles. Their solution to everything is: go take these pills.”

Doctors need to be the example.


Nobody wants to hear about the actual cures, he says, the cures we all know make our bodies healthier – get off the couch, eat right, and exercise. Most of us know how we should behave to be healthy, but why isn’t it working? Part of the problem is – doctors aren’t trained in the things that make us healthy.

“Doctors aren’t trained in time management and stress relief and nutrition, but that has a lot to do with a patient’s health.” – Dr Pedram Shojai

Why isn’t your CSA pickup isn’t at your doctors office? Why doesn’t your doctor offer classes on cooking? Why isn’t the current system making people healthier?


Big disease is big business.

Seventy percent of hospital visits go away if diabetes is cured, and that is a $1 trillion industry.

The future of medicine has to change this big behemoth system from the outside.

“They are chasing experienced doctors out of the system – doctors are compensated by the insurance system by how many people they can crunch through.”

What is the solution to the health care system crisis?

We can turn hospitals into centers of excellence, where doctors grow organic food, and teach classes on cooking and time management.

If that doesn’t happen soon, our bodies are going to continue getting older, so we have to start outside of the system.

“Most illnesses don’t need a prescription cure, they need a change of habits.” – Dr Pedram Shojai

the-aware-show-radiant-body-21Dr Shojai learned all about habits as a Taoist monk, with the ‘gong’ – a 100 day practice that helps build discipline and intention. Creating a gong for yourself is the foundation of his Life Mastery Program.

How you curate your days makes an enormous difference

It’s hard to ask a busy parent with a career and life to give more energy to a program like this, he says. We are all energetically bankrupt, just trying to stumble through our days. So we start by pulling back energy and resources in places where we are kind of sloppy.

When you say you don’t have enough time, what you really mean is you don’t have enough energy, and that is what leads to sickness.

The life Mastery program teaches you how to run the day with pause. It’s also called ‘drinking from infinity.’ If you can learn to stop time, and step into the present moment, you can step into this enormous amount of energy, that we don’t usually see because we are too busy trying to climb over the present moment, instead of live within it.


Are you borrowing energy from tomorrow to get through today? After all, borrowing is built into the way our culture works.

We need people to be awake and alive and aware, and this program is helping thousands of people do that. Life mastery is mastering your life so you can have the quality of life that you like. 

Click below to read more about this wonderful program (offered at a special price not available anywhere else) and to watch the interview replay!