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Food and Inspiration for the Immortals by David Wolfe

David Wolfe’s written goal is to live to be 3,000 years old.

What is the secret to living a very long time?

Coffee and chocolate are integral ingredients in the immortal diet, thank goodness. And so is salt – but not the kind of table salt you may be eating.

Salt is essential. If you put a salt lick out in the wilderness farm, every creature of the forest will come right to it, because they are always looking for salt.

We’ve been so imbalanced by eating factory salt manufactured with dextrose and ant-caking agents. The best salt, as David discusses in his ebook Sea Salt: the #1 Mineral for Health and Longevity, is Himalayan pink sea salt.

“If you have too little salt, you will be dehydrated. If you have too much salt, you will be dehydrated. Any illness or allergy is a dehydration at the point of irritation.” – David Wolfe

We can bring our system into balance by taking herbs and supplements, and some of them are best delivered through the world’s favorite drink: coffee.


Why is coffee so amazing?

This short video describes the origins, evolution, and cultural history of coffee:

The Healing Power of Coffee

Coffee is an herb. If you can drink a lot of coffee, it has a lot of healthy effects.

Coffee can decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.

Caffeine is also a delivery system, since coffee is an amazing dilator. It wakes everything up.

“We want to get as many herbs in coffee as possible. There are a billion people who love the taste of coffee, so let’s get these herbs into people through what they are already drinking.” – David Wolfe

Many, many people drink coffee in the morning to get ready for mental work. A lot of people were coming to David, asking for something that will get them ready for mental work in the morning.

He created an herbal supplement called Brain Boosting Formula that can be mixed in with coffee, to amplify its healing effects.



Click below to read more about David’s wonderful offer for some of his incredible coffee and supplements, and to watch the interview replay! 

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