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September 11, 2014 Guest Donna Gates
Topic: How’s Your Inner Ecosystem?

Donna GatesBio:

Donna Gates is best known as an expert on candidiasis and immune-related disorders. She teaches us to bring our bodies back into balance and how to create increased energy in our life. She also talks about how to stop cravings for sweets and chocolate among many other helpful health tips.

Interview Description:

Are you experiencing any digestive issues?  How’s your immune system?  What about your energy level?  All these things are influenced by your diet and what Lisa’s guest, Donna Gates, calls your inner ecosystem.  Listen today and find out more about what affects your inner ecosystem, what throws it out of balance, and what you can do to start creating perfect health.  Donna will also be a featured speaker at the Women’s Wellness Conference.  For all the details go to

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