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Structured Water from William Tucker

There are mysteries surrounding the structure of water that reveals water to be one of the least understood substances. It seems to defy the known laws of physics – warm water freezes faster than cold water, frozen water (ice) is less dense than liquid water, wet sand is more solid than dry sand.

While researching how to make water combust, a symmetrical arrangement was discovered, that has some surprising properties.

Using an atom microscope, D&Y Laboratories is able to measure stable water clusters, long chains called Double Helix Water. They discuss they science behind their discovery in the ebook that accompanies the purchase of their Structured Water package, available at an exclusive discounted price through The Aware Show.

What is Structured Water?

Structured water is called “The Fourth Phase of Water” in a book of the same name by Gerald H. Pollack. Structured water is electrically charged, because the symmetrical alignment of the water molecules form a stable water cluster – 8 H20 molecules linked together and acting as one molecule. 


You can look at water as a chemist, in terms of chemistry, or you can go one level up, and look at it in terms of physics.

H2O is 2 atoms of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen. Every hydrogen atom has a positive charge of +1 each, and Oxygen has a charge of -2. Normally these equalize, resulting in a balanced charge, but in a stable water cluster, because of the arrangement of the atoms, a leftover charge is produced.

“There is totally conclusive evidence that water can structure itself.” – William Tucker


The image above shows a “water bridge,” a solid arrangement of water molecules at room temperature, connected by an electrical charge.

How can the healing power of water be augmented with Double Helix Water? Read specific details about the products manufactured with Double Helix Water at the link below, and watch the interview replay! 

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