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Anita Moorjani has been through death and back again. Her incredible book, Dying to Be Me, chronicles the difference between the two people she has been, and showcases how our thoughts can truly cure our bodies.

In addition to hosting the Soul Summit for these last two weeks of October, I also attended the “I Can Do It!” conference in Pasadena this past weekend hosted by Hay House. While I was there I met with one of my true sisters on this journey of life, and I said to Anita Moorjani, “Let’s not do a Google Hangout on Tuesday. Come to my house, so I can interview you in person!”

Speaking with her about her near-death experience has a peculiar effect on me – it reminds me of the blissful state I entered during my own accident years ago, when I nearly died after a mountain biking accident. As Anita described the feeling of being outside of her body, and the bliss she felt in just be-ing her Soul, it magnifies that feeling in me, and I remember it more. Thats why I wanted her here in LA, in person for this interview.

Being on the outside of your body is a near-blissful experience, because there is no pain outside of the body. We may think of ourselves as our race and gender, our religion and our culture, but when you nearly die, all of those other layers strip away, and you realize yourself for what you are: an infinitely powerful Soul.

What is a Near-Death Experience?

In its simplest terms, a near-death experience is a heightened sense of awareness.

You become an experience of pure love.



We may think of ourselves as our race and gender, a member of our religion and our culture, but thats not us. When you die, and you are without body, without race, culture, gender, religion, or ego – whats left?

What is left is not a smaller, lesser version of you – its actually much bigger. Its a pure, clear essence of who you are.

It is your Soul.

Who am I, really? Who is this Soul?

anita-moorjani-quote-18Without all these layers, I am loved, unconditionally. That is the realization you have on the other side

A central concept of physics is that there really is no time and no space, but we have developed the perception of time and space because it’s convenient. As Einstein said, “Time is what keeps everything from happening all at once.”

When you are out of your body, and you are pure Soul, there is no time, and no place, so you can go anywhere. Its like all of life is happening simultaneously. We string it together, in our life, our past lives, and future lives, but when you are not in your body, you can visit any of that instantaneously, and it is all as real as if it was happening right then.

“That state of pure love and unity is accessible to each and every one of us. We are born in that state. We return to that state. That is the state of heaven.”

What is Heaven?

The stories that get in our way are things like – heaven is a separate place, and God is a man out there that can be displeased by your actions. Thats not the truth that you realize on the other side. The truth is we are all God, looking through this tiny lens of an ego.

Anita was changed by her experience, because after you taste Heaven, you are never the same. Anita’s transformation, though, was quite startling.


She had rebelled against her culture, and what was expected of her, by leaving an arranged marriage at the altar. There was a tremendous amount of guilt and rebellion she was carrying around with her. When father her died, she felt that she really let him down.

anita-moorjani-quote-2Then, while she spent 30 hours unconscious on a hospital bed, in a state of pure expanded consciousness, she became aware of her fathers essence there with her. She didn’t feel any pain or judgment, she felt only pure, unconditional love.

(If you’re interested more in how spirits communicate, be sure and listen to the interview from yesterday with James Van Praagh.)

There is no judgment from the Soul, because there are no layers, no filters, and nothing to interpret what is outside. There is just you, the pure, expansive being of love. Since time does not exist in the other realm, Anita was able to spend quite a long “time” there, and she learned very much. She has been sharing her wisdom and insights with the world ever since.

Recover and Heal with your Thoughts

“I was no longer the person who had cancer,” Anita says of the person who woke up on the hospital bed. “I knew I was already healed. My body just had to catch up. It took 5 weeks. The tumors shrank by 70% in 4 days. Within 5 weeks I was completely cured.”

anita-moorjani-quote-16Even if you turned around a disease and had a spontaneous healing, it should take months to heal, but in Anita’s case, it was only a few weeks. She attributes her post-near-death-experience mindset to her rapid healing.


In one sense, it was an easy choice. When she came out, she could either live the truth she learned in the other realm, and be lonely, or try and forget that truth and fit back into society. It was an easy choice.

She used to eat healthy food, she said, because she feared cancer. She didn’t eat healthy because she liked the food, or the way it made her feel, it was all because she feared cancer.

“Every choice I made up to the point I was lying in that hospital bed was made based on fear. Now, I don’t fear any disease. I get the joy from the food.”

When she used to have cancer, she would obsess about it, she said. Everything she was thinking of all day, every day, was about the cancer. That’s not the right way to think about your disease, or about your life.

anita-moorjani-quote-3Instead, she started to focus on things that made her feel joyful. She listened to music, dances, and spent time with people who made her feel joyful.

If you have cancer, she says, don’t spend time with people who only think about and talk about your cancer. Stop talking about the cancer. Start introducing fun things into your life.

One of the practices that Anita teaches is affirmations.

Affirmations are one of the best ways to reinforce self-love.

She advised one of the callers to this episode to go to the mirror and tell herself, “I will love and value myself and not let myself down, no matter what.”


The Importance of Self Love

anita-moorjani-quote-1Who Anita used to be – the person who got cancer – believed it was very selfish to love herself. She wanted other people to love her, and was always trying to win other peoples’ approval.

When you try to win other peoples approval, though, you lose yourself. If one person out of ten doesn’t approve of you, then you will dance for that one person’s approval, and it makes you very needy for other people’s love.

“Selfishness comes from a lack of self love, when you feel like you have to compensate.”

Aanita-moorjani-quote-19llow yourself to be the person you came here to be. Allow yourself to find joy, and you bring someone into the world who has found joy. Try saying to yourself, “I am a channel that allows life experiences to be expressed through me.”

Imagine if we had a generation of children knowing that level of self-love!

As a mother myself, I am always thinking of ways to help my daughter love herself more.

The best thing anyone can focus on, Anita says, is how to love and uplift yourself.

I like this so much, because the more I love and uplift myself, the more I love and uplift others.

I hope you find this interview replay uplifting. Click below to watch it, and get ready for bliss.