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Jim Oliver is an Emmy-award winning multi-keyboard composer, who has learned how to apply the principle of harmonic resonance to healing our bodies.

Harmonic Resonance is a phenomenon that transfers vibration from one object to another. If you have two tuning forks that are tuned to the same note, and you strike one of them, the other one will also begin to vibrate if it is held near the vibrating tuning fork, because they share harmonic resonance.

There are notes and sound that can create harmonic resonance in our bodies, as well. Ultrasound, for example, has been used to break up kidney stones. Jim applies the principle of harmonic resonance to the transformational music he plays, and he has seen some amazing healings take place.TuningForks-harmonic-resonance

“There is a healing frequency,” Jim says during our interview together on the Soul Summit, “and acupuncture points are like notes on a string.”

He once composed music for a woman who worked in a lab with a diagnosis of cervical cancer. After playing Jim’s music for a while, her symptoms disappeared. A boy with cerebral palsy that could not lift his head listened to Jim’s music for 3 weeks, and was soon crawling around on his own.

There have been diabetics who measured lower glucose, farmers that reported more milk given from cows in a barn where Jim’s music played, and even a man who woke from a coma.

That’s right – a man was once brought into the studio, where Jim improvised transformational music especially for him, and the man woke up from his coma while Jim played.

“Finding the resonating frequency in a healthy way is how the body can restore itself and experience healing. The body is self-healing; we are self-healing mechanisms.”

Healing music has been around from our earliest records, he said. The Javanese fire dancers have ritual dances and chants that enable them to immerse themselves in hot coals, and it is the properties of sound that allowed their bodies to transform.

Music is an ideal method for healing, because it resonates physically. It literally vibrates our body when we are in its presence.

“When composing, it is so complete and fulfilling to me that every cell of my body and being is ignited and vibrating at the highest level at highest possible level with the intention of people helping themselves heal with music.”

How to Use Music for Healing the Body

Jim has created recorded special recordings just for Aware Show listeners that match your frequency. These are exclusive recordings of the frequency of awareness that he has spent 16 hours creating just for the Soul Summit – these recordings are not available anywhere else.

Soul-Joy Sample


To get the most out of these healing tracks, find yourself a quiet place, and set a small intention for the outcome you would like to have happen when you are done listening. To prepare yourself, breathe deeply. Welcome the music into body, mind, spirit and emotion. Let the music rejuvenate and restore all the cells and your being.

After playing, sit in complete silence afterwards for 15-20 secs and feel how your energy field has transformed, and possibly allow the transmutation of aches and pains to occur. Listening to same piece can be experienced differently each time.

“This is a holographic universe and we create our own reality. A belief system is what you are conscious of and reality is what you are conscious with.”

Click below to watch the interview replay, and listen to the music that Jim has composed just for you.