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What a powerful way to start the Soul Summit!

Doreen Virtue invoked the higher energies of the angelic realm to bless our conversation, and to help our listeners find the wisdom they are searching for. Doreen and I get along so well because we share this sense of service to the world.

This world is not the only realm in existence, according to Doreen’s cosmology. “There have been lots of religious wars throughout history, but one thing every religion agrees on is – there are these ‘benevolent helpers’ in the spiritual realm.”

Everyone, every religion, every system of spirituality, all agree that there are celestial non-humans that can interact with our mundane world.

Angels are a part of our physiology. Just like we have to have lungs, and a heart, and a brain to live, we have to have angels to live.

Learning how to interact with those beings is the key, Doreen said in our interview, to avoiding spiritual burnout.

doreen virtue angel quotes

When you get stressed out, and you feel stuck, it’s like there is a brick wall around you. It is so easy to get burned out, because you are separated from your source of true spiritual energy.

Go to your inner temple – what I call your happy place. It’s where you feel safe.

We want Earth to feel like Heaven, and it’s not, no matter how much we want it to be. That can make this realm feel really uncomfortable to us, especially if we are intuitive, or sensitive, or empathic. 

Doreen Virtue and Lisa Garr angels and mermaids

Sometimes, you just have to put on your mermaid tail, and swim.

Living here in this physical world, we have to deal with duality and separation. Living here we have to negotiate opposites – but where we come from, Doreen says, in the angelic realm there is no separation, there is only love and light.

Our thoughts are one with God’s thoughts at the higher level. We live in the mind of God.

What makes angels unique is that they can go “down into the trenches” and visit us when we are in our lower states, and our lower vibrations.

To feel the eternal bliss of God requires a certain state of mind, and we aren’t always in that frame of mind. We can get pulled down by money issues, by family issues, and if we’re not taking care of our bodies, we get our thinking and our hearts stuck down here. We can’t hear and feel God if we’re not in those moments of balance, but our angels – they can come to visit us.

Asking angels for help can raise our vibration and return us to grace.


How To Ask your Angels for Guidance

Angels help us to connect to nonduality and non-form, and they are always guiding us to do things that bring in more breath.

Take a moment to be. Dont try to make anything happen. Just be. And dont even say ‘just,’ because being is the greatest thing you can do.

Ask your angels to help you feel that connection to infinity – it’s what they are here for.

How To Listen to your Angels

People push hard to try and get an answer from their angels, and Doreen says that just doesn’t work. If we say instead, “Thank you God, for giving me an answer,” then it suddenly works, when we’re not trying so hard to make it happen.

Angels don’t appear with a trumpet and scroll. Messages come from feelings.


In your most relaxed state of mind, thats where you can allow the messages to come in. Take the time to relax, to breathe, and to nurture yourself, because angelic whispers are very subtle.

A lot of it is going back to a prayer like St Francis did: “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.”


Doreen has graciously offered a complete package of angelic wisdom for those who want to study the angelic realm further. Click below to review the books she has put together, and scroll to the bottom to see the interview replay.