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When Marci Shimoff was in her twenties, she remembers thinking to herself, ‘Once I get everything set up right, then I will be happy.

She tells us during her recent interview on the Soul Summit, she fell into what she calls the idea of, “I will be happier, when….” When more money, when the right husband, when this or that happens, THEN she would be happy.

It was 1998, she says, when she had 3 books on the New York Times bestseller list, and she had just finished giving a talk to 8,000 people, and autographed more than 5,000 books, and felt like an author rockstar.

When she went to her hotel room, she fell onto the bed and burst into tears.

“I realized I had everything I thought I wanted, and still wasn’t happy. I was searching for something else.”

Over the next few years, Marci interviewed thousands of people to find out what distinguished happy people from everyone else.

What makes people happy?

In the growing scientific field known as ‘positive psychology,’ they have found that what makes you happy is a combination of 3 different factors.

  • 10% of your happiness is due to your circumstances
  • 50% of your happiness is due to your DNA
  • 40% of your happiness is due to your habits of thoughts and behaviors.

Our habits of thoughts and behavior are completely within our control. There is even growing evidence in the field of epigenetics that your DNA is programmable as well.

That makes 90% of your happiness completely within your control, if you are willing to do the work and apply the formula to make yourself change. If you can control 90% of your happiness, then you can be happy no matter what your circumstances are.

How To Be a Happier Person

Marci started telling herself as she woke up every morning, ‘My life is a miracle. My life is a miracle. My life is a miracle.’ She became one of the thousands of people who have changed their mindset in order to change into a happier person.

During her interview, she told us about the negativity bias – a function of our brain that is inherited from our caveman ancestors. 80% of our thoughts are programmed to be negative, which makes our minds like ‘velcro for the negative, and teflon for the positive.’ The negative sticks really easily in our minds, so that we can spend time solving the problems of survival.

In today’s modern age, much of the survival problems have been worked out, but we still have this old way of thinking, dominated by our negativity bias. The happiest people are the ones who have upgraded to Human 2.0, and moved beyond the fear-based system we developed to survive, and instead embrace a love-based system for the future.

This is the key, Marci says, to living in the Miracle Zone.

What is the Miracle Zone?

“The miracle zone is moving into the place where divine grace can flow. When divine grace flows, everything functions in a very different way.”

Everybody Marci talks to is looking for some kind of miracle. They might want more money, or the perfect soulmate, or to heal from a disease, and they get frustrated when they don’t get the result they want right away.

“We can’t make miracles happen, but we can create the conditions where miracles show up.”

When people apply Marci’s steps to ‘living in the miracle zone,’ magic really happens. Not because we get exactly what we wish for, but because we open ourselves up more to having miracles happen to us.

3 Steps to Living in the Miracle Zone

Step one – create from your soul intention rather than from your ego intention.

“I want to lose 20 lbs” has an ego vibration to it. The soul intention would be – “I am fit, vibrant, and healthy in the body that reflects the soul that I am.”

The energetic perspective you have while you are creating has a huge impact on your ability to manifest, and Marci says that when you manifest from your soul intention rather than from your ego, that is when you enter the miracle zone.

Marci Shimoff quote

Step two – live from the heart, instead of the mind.

Marci guided us through a magnificent meditation that demonstrated how to live from the heart. It is a heart-centered meditation, invoking the divine feminine energies below us, and the divine masculine energies above us, and bringing them together into the heart.

Watch this short video to experience the meditation for yourself. (Or you can watch the full interview replay through the link at the bottom of this page.)

Marci Shimoff Guided Meditation

Do a meditation like this every morning, and see how rapidly changes happen in your life.

Step three – feeling worthy

Saying “I love myself no matter what” is a powerful affirmation. Even when good things are happening to you, it is easy to regress into your old habits and patterns.

When she started making lots of money, Marci was surprised to discover she didn’t feel worthy. She started losing everything. Then, she remembered attending a weekend workshop with Marianne Williamson, when her teacher said, “You will lose the money if you don’t feel worthy of it.” Marci looked at what she was doing in her life, and realized that her recent financial losses were happening because deep down, she didn’t feel worthy of them. So she stopped herself, decided to feel worthy, and the money stayed.


Do you feel worthy of the good in your life? Marci challenges us with two questions at the end of the interview:

“What is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?”

After you answer this question, Marci says, go do it. Right then.

Another question you can ask yourself is,

“How can I open myself up to receiving more today?”

It might be through reading more of Marci’s works. Click on the link below to see the exclusive offer she is making available to Aware Show listeners for a limited time, and you may find your life opening to receive more miracles.