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Sue Morter Guided Meditation

Dr Sue Morter suffered from terrible migraines. She remembers being in her first meditation class, in a room full of 300 people, and chanting in an unknown language, and found herself breathing in a way she had never breathed before.

As she told us during her recent interview on the Soul Summit, meditation helped her to cure migraines by moving blockages in her central nervous system. As a chiropractic doctor who had run a healing center for years, she has since helped thousands of people heal their bodies through meditation.

“The central nervous system is a physical version of the spiritual system,” she says. And there are tangible ways we can affect our central nervous system: through combining breathing exercises and movement.

Meditation, Breathing Exercises, and Movement

What makes Dr Sue’s work so different from other meditation teachers is she integrates movement with breathing exercises.

“I’ve had people do central channel breathing for years, and until they started constricting the muscles while they were breathing, nothing was happening as quickly.”

Patients and students who have started practicing Dr Sue’s exercises have been astounded at how fast their body can heal. She demonstrated breathing exercises during our interview that can be combined with subtle physical movements to influence the signals sent along our central nervous system.

“Healing is the spiritual self starting to mobilize. That is when tissues heal. Organs come alive. Tumors dissipate.”

How does meditation heal the body?

The body, Dr Sue says, is an earthly version of our souls

If you have stress in your life, that stress is reflected in your body. If you can release the stress in your body, then you will be able to release the stress in your life, because they are one and the same.

If something is dysfunctional in your life, and causing disease, it will manifest in the body, and cause stress, block energy, and create disease. Meditation helps align the mind, the body, and the soul, and allows energy to flow through channels that were previously blocked.


She demonstrated a few breathing exercises during the interview that help to open and integrate your energetic channels. Watch to see how she combines breathing, movement, and meditation:

 What kind of meditation is right for me?

Different meditation techniques work for different people. If you happen to know your dominant sense, that could offer a clue to what you can use to deepen your meditation practice.

  • Someone one who is visual will respond well to a candle flame during meditation
  • Someone who is kinesthetic will respond better to breathing and the sound of the breath
  • Someone who is auditory and will respond better to a mantra

Why isn’t meditation working for me?

If you are trying to use meditation for a specific outcome, it could dominate your thinking. Similar to what Marci Shimoff said a couple of days ago, you can create the conditions you are looking for, and that can be more effective than trying to manifest a specific outcome.

When you are in a game of tennis, for example, and the other person is going to serve, all you can do isdo what Dr Sue calls ‘stand prepared.’

She compared ‘standing prepared’ to meditation, and instead ‘trying’ to reach deeper into your meditation, you just have to stand prepared, and let a different state of consciousness come through you. It’s not a destination you go to, it is a state that you allow.


How to Use Meditation to Heal the Body

Dr Sue has been so generous with our listeners, putting together a package of her programs that can be used to learn this miraculous healing technique, at a price that is not available anywhere else. Click below to review the details of her offer, and take the next step to healing your body through meditation and breathing.