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Norm Shealy

Donna Eden is one of the most joyous, energetic, and fun loving people I have ever met. She is so amazing, she can sometimes be difficult to interview.

During the second interview of our Stress Solutions Summit , she demonstrated some of her energy medicine exercises. I like to do these exercises with her as she demonstrates, and it puts me into such a blissful state that I can’t remember the questions I was about to ask!

The exercises she teaches are a great way to invigorate the blood, to feel more focused, to release stress, and to feel happy.

We surveyed the listeners during the show, both at the beginning and the end, and everyone reported feeling less stressed by the end of the interview.

“Stress is very physiological. The psychological aspect follows, but it begins physically.”

Since stress begins as a physical phenomenon, Donna’s exercises on the body are remarkably effective at reducing stress. She shows us the points on the hand to press, how to rub our fingers across our forehead, and where to massage on the crown. We went head-to-toe in this show!

Donna Eden Energy Medicine Techniques for Reducing Stress

You can ‘think’ your way out of stress only to a certain limit. Energy medicine exercises get the stress out of your body as well as your brain.

When you get stressed, you lose blood from your forebrain. We all distort under stress. The best thing you can do when you are stressed out, she says, is to take a moment to breathe a few deep breaths, and use a simple energy medicine technique to bring yourself back into alignment.

Listen to the excerpt of our interview below; in this 6 minute MP3 she goes through 3 wonderful energy medicine techniques that will leave you feeling relaxed and stress-free.

3 Donna Eden Stress Relief Exercises

Download MP3

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Donna Eden’s Favorite Energy Medicine Technique

When I asked her about her favorite exercise, the energy medicine exercise that the Queen of Energy medicine likes the most, she told us about what she calls ‘The Wayne Cook posture.’

This is great to do when you are feeling overwhelmed or scrambled.

  • You put your right foot over your left knee, and then
  • your left hand around your ankle.
  • Next you put your right hand around the bottom of your foot.
  • Take three deep breaths,
  • raise your body up,
  • and on the exhale collapse your body.
  • Then do it on the other side, three times.

This clears you up so much! Watch the short clip below, where she walks me through the exercise, wrapping it up with another energy medicine technique that made me feel fabulous.

This is an exercise she has taught to schoolteachers, who found that they were unable to productively teach children while they were stressed and their energy was scrambled. After doing this exercise, they were present, and connected, and in a better space to be with children.

It’s also an exercise she attributes to saving her own relationship, with her then-new husband of 38 years, David. 

Stress is awful to have during an argument, she says. You can’t formulate your own thoughts very well to defend your position, and you also can’t adequately hear what the other person is saying!

By using the Wayne Cook posture at a critical point of an argument, she says she was able to stop letting stress control her thinking, and the way she returned to the conversation saved her relationship. 

The Five Minute Routine for Stress Relief

Some of the these exercises are part of Donna’s famous Five Minute Energy Routine.

Those who do the Donna Eden five minute energy routine every day find that their body learns how to do it automatically. Your body will begin to lead it, and hold on to the harmony it leaves you with for much longer.

People tell Donna all the time: they don’t fall apart when they would usually fall apart, because they’ve been doing this five minute energy routine regularly. If you are in a state where you are likely to fall apart, Donna recommends doing this 5 minute routine twice a day: once when you are feeling lethargic, and once when you are doing something new.

“The body runs on habits. Energy systems are about habits – patterns that the body learns.”

Create a stress-relieving habit by letting Donna guide you through some of her breathing and movement exercises. Watch the interview replay here:

Click Here to watch the Interview Replay