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Derek Rydall Spirituality

Derek Rydall, my guest today on the Stress Solutions Summit, gave us such a spiritually charged interview!

There is an evolutionary impulse on the planet that has reached a critical mass, he says, and we see it breaking out as crisis on the planet.

This creates an “urgency of emergence” right now – and if we don’t answer that call, then this influx of greater energy becomes an emergency. We may see it manifest as a problem with our bank account, or our boss, or a broken relationship, but a crisis is really a much greater existential change.

Derek calls it a “vibrational upleveling,” something that happens when the structures we have cannot match the vibration that is being invoked. This causes our current limited structures to start crumbling.

stress-quote-diamond-charcoal-aware-show-stress-solutions-1“Awakening these cracks in consciousness is happening faster,” he says, “and time feels like its speeding up to many of us.” If we are not consciously participating in this vibrational upleveling (a global raising of consciousness we discussed with Dain Heer in October), then it’s going to show up as some sort of crisis.

The different levels of crisis

There’s the crisis of not finding a parking spot, the crisis of not having enough in your bank account, and the crisis of seeing a loved one suffer a tragic accident, as one of my close friends experienced recently.

derek-rydall-quote-darkness-roots-bigger-fruitsA crisis happens because we haven’t caught up to the energy that we have brought in, he says. A crisis is energy we can’t fully express, which is what causes us stress.

When Derek described the Four Major Kinds of Stress, as shown below in the video excerpt of our interview, he clarified the underlying structure of the entire Stress Solutions Summit.

The four major kinds of stress

  1. Growth stress – working out, pushing pleasantly beyond your limits
  2. Stress of pushing and trying to make stuff happen.
  3. Misalignment with our purpose
  4. Sense of separation from the Universal presence

It’s the 3rd stress he mentioned above – a misalignment of our purpose – that is a result of living by our life experience instead of our Life. Derek calls this “trying to solve our problems at the point of the symptom.”

When we try to solve a problem happening as it manifests within our life experience (not within our Life, but in our life experience) we are unable to solve the true problem.

There is a difference, Derek says, between Life and life experience. Because Life is always perfect. Life experience, however, is a relative perception or projection of that infinite perfection.

The more we identify with life experience, the more we find ourselves on a drama roller coaster. The more we identify with Life, the more things come to us in ease.

If you try to solve the problem at the level of the problem, you’ll get nowhere. Derek gives the example of ice at 32 degrees. You can’t solve the problem of freezing while you are at 32 degrees. You can chip away at it, crack it, push it, pull it, but things will still freeze at 32 degrees. In order to solve the problem of ice, you have to rise to a higher level. Then the problem doesn’t just get solved; the problem dissolves.

“Problem dissolve as we evolve.”

Cracking the Shell

egg-broken-quote-personal-development-quotesPersonal development work is nice, Derek says, but it doesn’t really work on your soul. You can use personal development to improve the shell, your life experience, but that’s only the outer casing of You.

A lot of the time our personal development work is spent mostly on the surface, treating our symptoms. But when you’re in crisis, that’s not going to do it. The meaning of the crisis is that we are living in a world that’s too small.

When we hit a crisis point, there is no evolution taking place in the superficial areas of our life. The shell is cracked. That is precisely what makes you a candidate for the life that’s beyond your own.

“What’s trying to emerge on the other side of your crisis?”

Something bigger is trying to emerge – like an oak tree from an acorn. When the acorn shell cracks, that is a crisis, and it is only by yielding and surrendering that the acorn can grow into its true purpose, a mighty oak.

When your shell is cracking, and your life experience is in crisis, you can say the same: “I yield and surrender.” Not to the crisis, or to the condition, you surrender to the larger life that is trying to emerge from within you.

The Highest Level of Prayer

Thy Will be Done is the highest prayer you can ever pray, he says, as long as you know what the will of God is – the highest pattern of existence. When you are surrendering to that highest possibility, you recognize that any crisis is happening because there is a better life trying to emerge from within you.

It may not look like what you think it should look like – a caterpillar might want a better caterpillar body, a better caterpillar house, and a better caterpillar life. But that’s not a caterpillar’s destiny. 


Ask yourself, “If I was mastering this, what qualities would I have to activate? If I emerge triumphantly from the other side of this, who would I be?” That’s Emergineering, Derek’s signature work, consciously engineering the emergence of your life.


Habits of Crisis

What initiated most of us on the path of spirituality was a core wound that gave us the message that life wasn’t safe. To not feel the pain of that crisis, we had to go within. And this set up a pattern that crisis is the familiar point at which life transforms. We identify with our experience so much, that we have to be broken away from it in order to evolve.


The spirit does not ordain crisis, however. It doesn’t know anything about, just as the light doesn’t know darkness, and life doesn’t know our life experience. A crisis in our life experience doesn’t affect our Life, but it can break us away from it.

Your soul self is like a spiritual address. All of your prayers have alkready been delivered to you, Derek says – to your home address, your Life address, and you’re not living there if you’re not congruent with your purpose.

He asks us to imagine you’ve got this house that represents your Life, with all these packages piled up at the front door. These are your answered prayers. But you don’t live there, in your Life, you are living in your life experience. You are vibrationally sleeping on your friends couch or wandering the streets. All of your gifts are waiting for you at your home address. When you begin to realign to this home energy of who you really are, you start to receive all of these gifts.

Purpose is not just your job, or your relationship, or what you do every day. It’s your big why. Your purpose is your power source. It’s the unique pattern of who you are.


Anchoring to your Higher Purpose

You have to have a practice to anchor the insights as they come to you, and anchor the vision in your daily life experience. Otherwise, you won’t be able to handle the energy of your Life as it comes in. If a light bulb is only built for 60 watts, and you try and send 100 watts through it, the coil can’t handle it, and it will break. There is too much coming through.

Once you get in the habit of Emerging, then when a crisis hits, you get a little bit excited, because you know you’re about to be bigger.

The path of the spiritual warrior, he says, is to become so anchored in your being that you can stand in the face of major challenges and be unbothered and unmoved, and be a healing and transforming agent wherever you go.


There is only one problem, and one solution.

There’s nothing broken in life, it’s all complete. In the appearance world, things are breaking and reforming all the time; in ultimate reality, there is only wholeness

The core problem is a belief that we have a life separate from the One life. The only solution is to realize we are not separate – we are It.

Derek has created a method to align you with your true purpose, and bring in a consciousness of your wholeness with Spirit, with Life, with All That Is. He calls it Emergineerging, the Engineering of your own Emergence, and it is truly transformative work.

He is offering his Emergineering Mastery program at a special price for The Aware Show listeners. Normally two thousand dollars, he has generously extended a discount of 90% for the viewers of my show, because he knows that you, my dear friends, are the ones who are most ready for this work, and the ones most capable of doing good in the world with it.

Watch our interview replay below, and if you feel ready, Engineer your own Emergence.

Click Here to watch the Interview Replay