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Theresa Dale Homeopathics for Stress

Today on the Stress Solutions Summit, Dr Theresa Dale talked with our Aware Show listeners about one of the fundamental causes of stress: imbalance.

Stress comes from living out of balance, Dr Dale says, whether it is your body, or your mind, or your emotions. If you are not in a balanced state, then stress can dominate every aspect of your life.

People live inside that gap, she says, between the way they want their life to be, and the way it actually is. When you live in that gap, stress just comes piling on top of you.

If you can live your life the way it is right now, without being constantly distracted by how you want it to be, then you don’t have that emotional imbalance that allows stress to enter.

The Cumulative Effects of Stressful Living

After living with stress for years, our bodies build up blockages in our organs and glands. Changing your mindset today won’t necessarily remove stress from your life tomorrow.

That’s why Dr Dale’s work is so fascinating. As a homeopathist, certified nutritionist, and doctor, she works to help people remove their blocks. She has some amazing homeopathic blends that I personally use, and have never seen anywhere else.

These blends each have unique purposes: to protect against the flu, to dissolve resentment, or to increase your longevity. They are designed to counteract the cumulative effects of living out of balance.

Dr Theresa Dale

Homeopathy for Stress Relief

What is unique about Dr Dale is that she works with emotions through homeopathy. The basics of homeopathy have been around for hundreds of years. It works on the principle of ‘like cures like,’ and by taking a microscopic dose of the very thing that ails you, it aids in the healing process.

As a trained homeopathist, Dr Dale looked at the emotions that were causing blockages in the glands of her patients, and designed homeopathic blends to aid in their own journey back to balance.

If someone is dealing with lots of anger, for example, she uses arsenicum album, a homeopathic derivative of arsenic. If you take arsenic, it creates redness in the body. It inflames your anger, and leads to a very aggressive death. Having a homeopathic dose of arsenicum album dismantles your rage, by sending an electromagnetic current along your meridians to all of the affected organs.

When we asked her what she recommends for stress relief, she put together a Multi-Layer Cleanse Kit.

This is being offered to Aware Show listeners at a discounted price not available anywhere else, along with a whole package of her best products. The one that I use regularly this season is ALL FLU, a blend of 10 homeopathic formulas with the latest strains of influenza in microscopic proportions.

Homeopathic Remedies for Flu Symptoms

We had a great discussion in the interview about flu symptoms, and how to protect yourself against catching the flu. If you don’t want to watch the entire interview replay (available at the link at the bottom of this page) then at least watch this short excerpt:

Stress Relief through Positive Thinking

As much as she works on the body, and the emotions, Dr Dale recognizes one of the most powerful ways to keep your body in balance is through a positive mindset.

“We all have the ability to be little bliss and joy factories.” – Dr Theresa Dale

If the source of stress is toxic thinking, and living out of balance, then we owe it to ourselves to cultivate a positive attitude.

This may not turn your life around right away, because you may have years of negative thinking behind you. Those years of toxic thinking could have built major blockages in your glands.


But if you start thinking positively right away, you can stop the buildup of toxins in your system that come from living out of balance.

Dr Dale’s Multi-Layer Cleanse is a fantastic way to reduce those toxins, and return your emotional state to a balanced one. Watch the interview replay below:

Click Here to watch the Interview Replay