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Friedemann Schaub Fear and Anxiety Solution

Stress causes both physical and metaphysical disorders, and Dr Friedemann Schaub, today’s guest on the Stress Solutions Summit, is one of the few multi-disciplinary doctors qualified to deal with stress on both levels.

Dr Schaub is one of the world’s foremost experts on anxiety. He is a physician, a cardiologist, and molecular biologist, giving him comprehensive scientific understanding about how stress and anxiety affect the body.

He knows how to reverse this damage with the mind, because he is also a psychologist trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Progamming). His work helps people apply the power of their subconscious mind to changing the root causes of your disorders.

“What happened is not as important as how you interpreted it,” he said during our interview. Using the example of a patient he once had, his patient had a father who was a great father. When he was a boy he was told, “You can do anything you want, you can be the president of the United States if you want.” This well meaning encouragement as misinterpreted, and put a huge amount of pressure on the boy, who developed a lifelong fear of failure.

A Fix for Fixed Thinking

To work through this fear didn’t take years and years of traditional talk therapy. Instead, Dr Schaub took him through a Pattern Resolution Process, and helped the patient see the root cause of his anxiety: a part of himself that he had disowned. He helped his patient to resolve his issues, and free himself from fear, that very day.

I know that his process can work that fast, because Dr Friedemann Schaub once cured me of my fear of spiders in less than two hours.

This is a true story – while we were on an interview for my radio show, I had a full panic attack because I saw a picture of a tarantula, when I wasn’t expecting it.he helped me reintegrate a part of myself, by taking me through his Pattern Resolution Process, and I found a part of myself I had disowned when I was a little girl. It was manifesting as this fear of spiders, and Dr Schaub talked me down, and helped me let go of my fear. His work is so powerful, and so transformative.

Now I know my fear had nothing to do with spiders at all – it was a metaphor for where we were going, and a way to displace the fear I was feeling in my home. Now I realize that spiders are beautiful, incredible creators, and I have more of myself back, because of the Patter Resolution Process.

The Pattern Resolution Process

This reintegration is such a deep, transformational, beautiful process, and I can tell you this from personal experience.

Dr Schaub first clears your memory, by putting you into a light trance, and having you go above an event of the past where there was anxiety. This allows you to see where it comes from.

Then you can ask your subconscious mind: what do you want to teach me about that? What we often have to learn there, he says, is that we actually were safe the whole time.

When I re-owned this little girl inside me, I found a huge new source of energy, as if someone gave me a youth serum. It was very, very powerful.

“I am now the person I choose to be, not the person I was told to be.”

The Four Survival Patterns of Childhood

We took a look at 4 survival patterns from early childhood, one of which is always at the root of fear and anxiety disorders, Dr Schaub says. The four survival patterns are:

  • The Pleaser
  • The Avoider
  • The Overachiever
  • The Controller

Ultimately these patterns are all survival patterns, patterns that we use in order to keep us safe from something.

These inner parts of ourselves are charged with protecting us. They create stress and anxiety in order to keep you from doing things that are perceived as threatening for you. Engaging in a conversation with this inner pattern can help to reintegrate parts of yourself that you have disowned.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Feeling Stress:

  • Where does this come from?
  • Who am I really in conflict with?
  • What do these parts inside me want?
  • How are they trying to keep me safe?

Once you discover the answers to these questions, you can ask: Is it all really about survival and being safe?

“When you reach this higher level of purpose,” he says, “these two parts are actually willing to collaborate and work together.”


How You Interpret Your World Matters

“What happened is not as important as how you interpreted it.”

To illustrate how these patterns can create our phobias, Dr Schaub gave an example of a patient whose father was a great father, and said you can do anything you want, you can be the president of the united states if you want. This well meaning encouragement can be misinterpreted to put a huge amount of pressure on the boy, who develops an intense fear of failure.

Most diagnoses do more harm than good, because we identify with the diagnosis.

A doctor is an authority figure. Even if a doctor only sees you for twelve minutes, and gives you a label on your forehead, it becomes a label for the rest of your life.

When someone has general anxiety disorder, it means they have been operating on survival mode for a long time. Anxiety medication can help you to cope, but anti-anxiety medication is not a solution, he says. It only gives you a certain kind of numbness, and it doesn’t help you to discover more about yourself.

“Sensitivity is a gift. Diminishing our ability to feel cannot lead to true healing.”

Dr Schaub came out of traditional medical model, so he knows exactly how this works. After being a physician, and then a cardiologist, then he got into cells, focusing on molecular biology. When he got into psychology, he was studying how our thoughts influence our cells – and then studied HOW we best make that influence effective, by studying NLP.


The Meditative State of Consciousness

The meditative state is very important. It relaxes the conscious mind, so you can get it out of the way, and work with the subconscious mind.

This work doesn’t happen on an intellectual level. This transformation happens when you are in a lighter trance, and you can find the answers automatically coming to you.

“You want to be consciously aware of what you are subconsciously doing. That’s why I prefer the alpha state; your conscious mind watches the magic happening in your subconscious mind.”

It’s very easy to make the positive choice – it just takes a little bit of training, he says. Practice the meditative state before you are in stress. Don’t try to learn driving in a blizzard, and don’t try to learn meditating when you’re in a panic. Do it before. 

Guided Meditation for Stress Relief with Dr Friedemann Schaub

This is the beauty about the subconscious: it can give you a wholeness when you allow it to happen. Dr Schaub has an entire online video course that helps you use your subconscious mind, in the alpha state, to reintegrate those lost portions of yourself that are causing you stress. Watch the interview replay below: 

Click Here to watch the Interview Replay