Radiant Body Summit 2015

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Heal Yourself With Your Inner Light

Ten Exclusive Radiant Body Interviews - Airing June 8th through 19th

Your inner radiance can bring you higher levels of vitality and energy. The light within you can heal your illnesses, expand your awareness, and align your energy systems.

Most people are not born with a Radiant Body. Living Masters had to learn to access their inner capacity to heal, and they are here on the Radiant Body Summit to share their secrets with you.

Discover: how holding a greater awareness helps create a Radiant Body

Realize: all the power you need to heal yourself is within you, right now

Create: the daily habits that help sustain and nourish your earthly vessel

Illuminate: all the blockages and dis-ease that keep you from functioning at full force

Harmonize: your energy fields with the universe in which you move

Rejuvenate: your daily vitality so you'll never be tired again

Restore: your body to it's true natural paradigm

Join Lisa Garr as she interviews the world's leading experts on health, nutrition, fitness, meditation, energy work, and movement.

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