Brain Entrainment Can Make Your Life Into a Masterpiece

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“Every day when you wake up, you are creating a masterpiece known as you,” says Paul Hoffman, my guest on today’s Neurosummit.

Paul is an award-winning musician and brain entrainment expert. 

By combining binaural beats, heartbeat patterns, and breathing patterns, Paul creates semi-hypnotic music that is designed to be the soundtrack to your ideal life.

Paul’s unique music relies on MRT – Multivariant Resonant Technology to createSculptations.’ His music is targeted to meeting people where they are in their life, and shift them out of their limiting beliefs and into a new frame of mind.


Brain Entrainment – Binaural Beats and More

For brain entrainment, most people just use binaural beats. This technology has to be listened to with headphones, because it provides different frequencies to each ear. In the right ear, you will hear sounds of 114 hertz, with a sound of 100 hz in the left. Your brain will automatically equalize these frequencies, and retain the resulting difference of 14 hertz, which is a high alpha brainwave state.

There are different hertz frequency for each of the 5 brainwave levels (alpha, beta, gamma, theta, and delta) and binaural beats are used to guide your mind into one of these five states.


The problem with binaural beats is that the sound itself is, basically, just white noise.

Paul uses MRT to embed these sounds into amazing music, to activate the 4 holisitic intelligences – mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional.

Listening to these tracks, you can literally change the chemistry of your brain. The hemispheres of the brain talk to each other better

This music doesn’t have to be listened to in the lotus position in order for it to be effective, however. You can listen to it while you are walking, or driving, or working out, and you can get the same brain entrainment benefits.

“It’s one thing to get your brain into a state,” Paul says, “but your body has got to be in the state too. And then your spirit gets into the state as well.”


Motivational Music for Personal Development

For years now, he has created music for personal development authors such as Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, and T. Harv Eker. He was an award-winning jingle writer for years, so his Sculptations are not just good for your brain, they are also very catchy!

We decided during the interview that listening to these audio Sculptations was like taking vitamins for your mind. A regular daily habit of mental vitamins will keep your mind chipper, focused, and more relaxed.

Paul has packaged together 9 of his Sculptations albums into a stellar package, with a deep discount for Aware Show listeners. Watch the interview replay and listen to a sample!