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John Assaraf NeuroGym

John Assaraf, my first guest on this year’s Neurosummit, is a brain researcher, well-known author, and dynamic speaker and coach. He develops brain entrainment programs to help people make the most out of their lives, using the latest in behavioral psychology and neurological research.

John is a forward-thinking visionary, who predicts that the next evolution of our species will be in brain-to-brain communication.

We are already communicating on a deeper and more intimate level than ever before, because of the advancement of mobile technology. Our brains can superficially communicate with each other, through our smartphones, but there is exciting new research into how our brains can interact directly. Our brains are already communicating with one another, as well as with this field of intelligence that surrounds us, which is also communicating with us, as well.

“There is not a field that we need to *try* to connect to,” he said, “we are already connected to it.” When we are trying to connect to something with effort, he says, we are likely missing the mark, because this connection already exists – we just need to tune into that existing connection. A radio does not need to try hard to tune into different stations, for example; it just changes the station it is receiving, easily.

“What awareness allows you to do is realize that all of the levels of light and sound and information – we are in it already. We can use this brain of ours that has been evolving for a few hundred million years, and we can deliberately learn how to tune it into the frequency of resonance that we want to be in.” – John Assaraf


Aligning your Brain with your Goals

Getting in alignment and congruency with the things you want in your life, he says, can make that new ideal more real to you than your current reality. That is when the mirror of the universe will reflect your vision back to you.


Keeping your brain tuned to a new frequency does take some practice, and that is what his NeuroGym is all about. His online community has more than 5,000 members of people actively working to re-train their thinking patterns through guided meditations and brain entrainment technologies.

NeuroGym Brain Training with John Assaraf

john-assaraf-quote-brain-science-6Imagine John Assaraf being in your brain for thirty minutes every day, guiding you to reprogram your brain with the most advanced habits to support you in your vision for what you want in your life.

NeuroGym does research with hundreds of thousands of people around the world, using evidence based methodologies to change the brain, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

I have used John’s programs many times to make significant changes in my life. I know that this works, because I have personally done it. I invite you to watch the replay of our interview, so you can be as excited about your future as I am.