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Dr Joe Dispenza

“More and more people at this time in history are waking up to their true potential,” says Dr Joe Dispenza, today’s guest on the Neurosummit.

I think that what Dr Joe is doing is really changing the world, because he is creating a generation of self-made healers. There are people who are alive today, and walking around, all because he is teaching us how to lead our lives with our beliefs.

The belief that Dr Joe is helping people to realize is that there is a power within us that, if you can contact it, can create something miraculous.

“The definition of a miracle is that it’s something that happens outside of convention and challenges standing beliefs,” he says. “In order for you to change something in your external environment, you have to get beyond the external environment.”

How to Think Greater

His latest work focuses around Greater Thinking. The greatest people in history, the ones who pushed the boundaries and pioneered breakthroughs, were thinking greater than the people and circumstances around them. That’s what a miracle is, Joe says – when someone thinks greater than their communities, their emotions, their bodies, and does something that seems impossible.


We talked a lot about healing during the interview. More and more people are successfully using his methods, which gives more people permission to do the same. Just believing that miraculous healing is possible – it starts with that.

“To heal your body, think beyond your body.”
– Dr Joe Dispenza

When you are in the midst of an experience, all your senses are connected. A jungle of neurons begin to organize themselves, and then the brain crystallizes them into what we call an emotional reaction. The sensory input you are getting from the environment translates into an emotion, which is an analysis of a past event.

This chemical feedback that we call emotions, it can push the genetic buttons for healing, for motivation, and for miracles. When you make your thoughts more real than anything else, and you begin to emotionally embrace the outcome before it is made manifest, your body is actually in that imagined moment, living in a new predictable future.

This is how miracles happen – people imagine their desired outcome, and infuse it with the emotions they would be having after it happens. You don’t wait for it to happen, you create the emotion yourself to move into a new state of being, to teach your body and your brain emotionally what it would be like. This triggers the same chemical interactions between the neurons in your brain, and your entire body-brain system then thinks that your imagined outcome is what has actually happened.

Gratitude Practice for Healing and Miracles

To start teaching your body emotionally what your life is going to be like, Dr Joe recommends ten minutes of gratitude. He has done the scientific research to show that just by creating an elevated emotion for ten minutes, it creates immunoglobulin A in your system. This is the very first signal to make white blood cells, the cells in your immune system that fight foreign invaders in your body. Gratitude will literally make you healthier!

Of course, the opposite is also true. When you are angry or frustrated or impatient, you are more susceptible to bacteria and viruses. “How we think and how we feel creates our state of being,” he reminds us.

Dr Joe’s work goes beyond helping people to cure the common cold. The focus of his latest package for Aware Show listeners is “Greater Thinking.” Everybody has done something great in their life, and has made a choice that changed their life completely. Everybody can command the moment. Joe has created a format to help people elevate their thinking to greatness, and I think the ripple effects of his work are going to seriously impact the world.


Joe strives very diligently in the science behind his teachings, so that when people get into the meditation component, there is no inner resistance. Once you understand what you are doing and why, you can put everything you have behind it in order to get results.

I can’t recommend his work highly enough. Watch the interview replay, and elevate your own level of thinking.