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Julie Renee Doering

We have a full choice whether we want to live or die, says  Julie Renee, my guest on today’s Neurosummit. Julie has an incredible story of miraculous healing. After being confined to a wheelchair, and battling with cancer multiple times, she had numerous doctors tell her that she only had a week to live.

The choice that she made, from her cells up to her brain, was to live.

“Our bodies are made of light, are made of our divine self, and they can be regenerated on the spot,” Julie says. “You can reanimate the body with spirit, and bring yourself back.”

Julie teaches a regeneration technique she calls “Quantum Mind Regeneration.” She developed this technique when her body was broken and sick, but she knew that with the proper thoughts and prayers, her body was capable of regenerating itself.

She found the thoughts, the prayers, and the meditations, and today she is a living testament to the body’s power of regeneration. 


Healing the Body with the Mind

Her process relies on cellular neogenesis, or stem cell regeneration. Every cell in our bodies has a molecule of DNA that contains the entire human blueprint, the idealized version of our perfect self.

By inviting the quantum field, through meditation, into an interaction with that master blueprint, she says you can activate the body’s natural abilities of regeneration. The entire reason that amputees have pains in their phantom limbs is because their limbs exist in the ether, and their body’s master blueprint can still connect with those missing body parts. If your mind can connect to body parts that are not physically there, then it should be able to influence the physical manifestation of any part of the body, present or not.

Julie says that using this regeneration technique, they have had some success in bringing back surgically removed glands and organs. Talk about mind over matter!


In addition to mental regeneration techniques, Julie also recommends very sound advice for anyone who wishes to heal their bodies. “The body will continue to heal itself, as long as you provide the environment for it to heal,” she says. The way to create that environment is:

  • Meditate once or twice a day.
  • Eat well.
  • Exercise every day.
  • Get out in nature.
  • And be grateful. Just say, Thank you God, Thank you God, all day long.

Regenerate the body with a Positive Mindset

If you’re really sick, its a difficult process to get well. It’s not easy. Focusing on gratitude is especially challenging when you are distracted by pain and discomfort.

Julie recommends that when you are healing, get out in nature, get a good exercise and nutrition plan, and most importantly, “Focus on what is already better.”


By focusing on the latest increment of healing, or one thing that has improved, you keep your mind in a positive place. A positive mindset is essential to creating a healing environment for your body.

When you feel something painful, declare:
“This is not me.”

How to Heal Headaches

When you say to yourself, “I have a headache,” you are entertaining what Julie calls a ‘spiritual parasite.’ You are inviting this foreign presence into your mind and being when you identify with it, and say “I have a headache.”

When you react to your headache by saying, “This is not me,” it keeps you from allowing the headache to become a part of you.

“Refuse the headache. Don’t accept it,” she says. “Discipline your imagination. Don’t amplify the negative. Allow your mind to think on what you are grateful for.”


Julie has developed dozens of these techniques, and has packaged together her best training materials at a special price for The Aware Show listeners.