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What a wonderful summit on brain science and consciousness! The NeuroSummit was a wonderful exploration deep into the mechanics of our minds, and some of the interviews revealed some truly stunning insights about how the brain works.

I had the privilege of interviewing some of the finest experts in the field. Read about any one of these interviews here:


I’ve also put together some of my biggest takeaways from each interview in the short videos below:

John Assaraf

“What awareness allows you to do is realize that all of the levels of light and sound and information – we are in it already. We can use this brain of ours that has been evolving for a few hundred million years, and we can deliberately learn how to tune it into the frequency of resonance that we want to be in.” – John Assaraf


Dr George Pratt

“You can change the conscious mind, but it’s a little bit like bending steel.” – Dr George Pratt


Dr David Krueger

“A visualization does the same thing as actually seeing something through the optic nerve.” – Dr David Krueger


Brent Phillips

“The way that reality works is much different than we think.” – Brent Phillips


Mark Waldman

“Create a new affirmation every day. That makes you more aware of what you are saying, and gives you a neurochemical boost to go after that desire more effectively.” – Mark Robert Waldman


Julie Renee

“Our bodies are made of light, are made of our divine self, and they can be regenerated on the spot. You can reanimate the body with spirit, and bring yourself back.” – Julie Renee


Howard Martin

“The heart is more than just a blood pump. It is a powerful information processing system inside the body.” – Howard Martin


Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D.

“Most people, most of the time, don’t have a relationship with their own feelings.” – Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D.


Paul Hoffman

“Every day when you wake up, you are creating a masterpiece known as you.” – Paul Hoffman


Dr Joe Dispenza

“The definition of a miracle is that it’s something that happens outside of convention and challenges standing beliefs. In order for you to change something in your external environment, you have to get beyond the external environment.” – Dr Joe Dispenza


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