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Dr Dain Heer

My guest today on the Money & Manifestation SummitDr Dain Heer, has touched millions of lives through his work with Access Consciousness. Those people he has touched are touching millions of other lives, and it is lightening up the planet!

This is what I love so much about being alive at this time in history, is participating in the spreading of enlightenment, and the global awakening of humanity. Dr Heer is a positive agent of change in this rising consciousness, and I am always honored to interview him and help his message spread.

The seekers of this world, including all of my wonderful audience members who watch The Aware Show, often face great difficulty in manifesting money in their life.

I’m sure you see it all the time in your friends, especially the healers, the open-hearted, and the people who have a deeper connection to Spirit. In spite of their greater awareness, so many awakened people are broke! Why is that?

The problem, Dain says, may be that we are so good at manifesting, we also have a greater capacity for manifesting our problems. If we lives our lives as problem solvers, then our mind is always looking for more problems to solve. If we are thinking about the problems that we face, then what are we manifesting?

The Law of Attraction states that what you think about, you bring about. Thinking about our problems with money can give us a whole lot more – problems with money.


Dain saw this firsthand when he was talking to the wounded parts of people, and trying to heal them from the place of their wounds. He used to think if he could get people through their problems, it would release their greatness, but their entire paradigm was problems. Once he started talking to people about their greatness, all of their difficulties and limitations dissolved away.

“When your life is focused on being a problem solver, you are always looking for a new problem to solve.” – Dain Heer

Problems are not how you manifest! Visualizing your greatness, and your success, will help you manifest so much more than focusing on your problems.

Living From Your Greatness

You know how when you ask for something from the Universe and it shows up, as if by magic? Have you ever experienced an effortless manifestation, where you didn’t even have to think about it? I am certain that you were not thinking about your problems when that happened – you were focusing on your greatness. When you look only at your greatness, and at the wonder of life, that is what the universe will bring to you

“No matter how pathetic we are pretending to be, there is a greatness within us that we cannot ignore.” – Dain Heer

dain-heer-quote-1If you can access your own greatness within, feel empowered and connected, and you wake up in the morning like that, and make all of your choices from that, you don’t have the limitations that a ‘problem solver’ is always facing.

If you look at a wall, science now tells us that it is 99.99% empty space. What if your limitations in life are the same way? What if they are mostly, almost completely, not there?

Access Consciousness changes the energy of limitation into possibility, Dain says. Once you have a clear field of possibility in front of you, instead of spending your life running around and solving your problems, it all comes down to – what would you like to choose? Because anything is possible, once you begin truly living from your own greatness.

Are You Living Your Life, Or Someone Else’s?

What if everything you considered as real or true is actually not true for you? What if you are living by the rules of somebody else’s reality?

Every day you are going to pick up on other peoples judgments and rejections, but you don’t have to keep them. Our tendency may be to collect them for ourselves, but you can let them go. Dain likes to say, 98% of your thoughts, emotions, and reactions don’t belong to you. We pick them up from others and hang onto them throughout our lives.

A large part of the advanced manifestation work that we do is re-accessing the greatness of who we really are, to return to our natural state of having-ness.

Dain has a great tool he uses for making a decision on anything. It’s the 5-year question. When you are faced with a decision, and your limitations may be encouraging you to ignore your greatness, ask yourself: What will my life be like in five years if I choose this? What will my life be like in five years if I don’t?

Which one makes you feel greater?

Manifestation vs Actualization

danielle-laporte-quote-desiresWe get ourselves into a conundrum when we say we want to manifest more money, because that’s not what we really want. We don’t want to manifest more money, we want to have more money.

Dain and I talked for a bit about the difference between ‘manifesting’ and ‘actualizing,’ and how manifesting means ‘how something shows up,’ while actualizing means ‘bringing something into reality.’

Dain’s mentor Gary, the founder of Access Consciousness, once told him – there is no such thing as a money issue, only an unwillingness to receive.

Your mind is a dangerous thing, Dain says. It judges everything that comes in, and if it looks unfamiliar, it says – no, that’s probably bad.

The mind knows what it is like to want more money. You are really comfortable with the wanting of it, but not with the having of it.

If you had all the money you could ever want, your mind would no longer know what to do, because it would no longer be seeking the unattainable. It’s kind of terrifying to think that everything you want could be right here, ready for you, if you could only stand in your greatness and accept it.

When you have a sense of the greatness of everything, and the greatness of you, then you are in the receiving space to allow money to come in too. 

Getting Into a Different Dimension

When I had my mountain biking accident, and suffered a traumatic brain injury, I went into a different dimension. My entire understanding of reality and consciousness was on a different spiritual plane. I asked Dain, how does one call that in closer, without having to fall down a mountain?

Dain’s answer really grabbed me. He said, we tend to try to place this expansive understanding in another dimension, rather than recognize that it is right here, right now. Everything that does not allow you to know that – that is what we are trying to undo, as we progress on our spiritual path of raising consciousness.

To prove this point, Dain took us into a magnificent guided meditation during the interview. Watch the clip below:

What Is Abundance?

Abundance is another word that Dain doesn’t use very often. People often throw the word ‘abundance’ around when they really mean ‘money.’ Someone in one of his seminars once asked about having more abundance in their life, and Dain drilled down to find out that what they really wanted was not abundance, it was more money. So he said to her, “What you really want is more money, right?” She looked confused and said, “I can ask for that?”

wayne-dyer-quote-abundanceClearly, this woman was not yet comfortable with her own greatness! Yes, you can ask for anything you want, and if you are asking for something different than what you really want, then you are sending out muddled desires to the universe.

Abundance is not just having enough, Dain says, but having more than enough of anything you truly desire. To attain that level of havingness, there is one certain way to access it: gratitude.

Yesterday Jack Canfield shared with us his daily gratitude practice, and I am totally not surprised that these two masters of Money & Manifestation both understand that gratitude is a core, central component of manifesting wealth and abundance.

When you live from a space of gratitude, there is an abundance in the universe. It allows you to go beyond the poverty consciousness that this reality tries to perpetrate on people, as though it was only choice available.

You can’t put a brick wall up that lets money in and keeps everything else out, Dain says. You have to accept everything.

Gratitude is our Natural State

When you feel gratitude for everything that is, you are open to receiving everything, including money.

You can ask for, choose, and create anything that you desire. This is something we knew, to the core of our beings, when we were younger. There were no limitations, do you remember that? Being a child, and feeling able to do anything – that feeling is still within you, deep down inside. It’s so natural for us, that when you find your way back to it, it’s finding your way back to who you really are.

This is something Dain specifically addresses in his newest package for The Aware Show audience, finding your greatness, living from it, and clearing your energetic financial blocks. Watch the interview replay by clicking below, and review the details of his special offer.