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Doreen Virtue“The way that angels view abundance is much different than how we think of it,” says Doreen Virtue, my guest today on the Money & Manifestation Summit. We may think of abundance as having a really big bank account balance, or lots of material possessions, but the angels see us as abundant already – our needs are being met, and there is an unending supply flowing continually over us, like the light from the sun. We just need to be open to receiving the abundance already available to us.

If we are not living abundantly, we can ask for angelic assistance, when we are out of alignment with our Source. We cannot align with the infinite energy of God when we are tired, or stressed, or abusing alcohol or drugs, Doreen says, but angels are capable of moving down into those denser states where we dwell, to help us move to a higher vibration. Angels can come down and meet us in places of poverty, and guide us to a vibration of abundance, if we follow their guidance.


Healing the Energy of Money with Divine Guidance

When we pray, we don’t magically get a check delivered to our mailbox. Because of what Doreen calls our “Santa Claus culture,” we expect our prayers to be answered by Santa Claus coming down the chimney with a big bag of money, but angels don’t work that way. “What we get is an abundance of ideas,” she says. “You get business ideas, or something to do that is serving your purpose, and in return your purpose serves you back.”


The guidance that angels provide will raise your vibration enough that you don’t even have to think about abundance. And that is the ideal state where we can thrive, when we aren’t fretting about finances, or putting our emotional energy into making everything work, or trying to keep everything from falling apart. When you are living in abundance, you can simply live in a pure state of gratitude, and occupy yourself with doing those things that are in alignment with your highest purpose.

Feel gratitude, feel joy, and don’t think about your finances in a way that brings your energy down. “Delete the words ‘the economy’ from your vocabulary,” Doreen said during our interview. When you get worried about how other people’s money is doing, you are ignoring your own vibrational state. Instead, you should focus on your own purpose, and feel the way that true abundance makes you feel.


“The power of being true to yourself is enormous. It can move mountains,” she said. She pulled cards for many lucky callers, and every time I see Doreen give a reading, I am always impressed with how quickly she can give such pure and penetrating advice to complete strangers. Her intuitive powers are a gift to the world. Watch the interview replay, and ask your own angels to guide you to a higher vibration of abundance.